Murder number 125 for 2011 in the Chippingham area tonight


Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is reporting live tonight following another deadly incident in the Chippingham area.

Eyewitnesses tell us the victim goes by the name Feron Palmer and is said to be in his early 30s.

Now get this, sources in the position to know tell us, the victim is believed to have been responsible for a recent murder in the East Bay Street area on Christmas Day. We can tell you killers shot the male victim multiple times about the body. Like a butchered animal the victim’s body was sprayed with bullets from head to toe.

The incident brings the murder count in the country to 125 incidents for the year. Sources tell us he was a known ‘street mayor’ in the Infant View Road area where the shooting occurred.

Sometime shortly after 7:30pm tonight a volley of gunshots were heard at the scene of the crime where the victim was taken down.

The murder count in the capital has left police puzzled and residents cowering in fear. New Providence in particular has become the very violent and deadly place as the year ends.

We report YINNER decide!


  1. Everyone that was killed 2011 did not live by the sword. Who gives another man the rights to take away someones life? I think that nothing is being done to stop this type of crime because society believes that the murders are killing one another. Well news flash everyone that was killed in 2011 wasn’t a bad person. Some of them were killed over petty stupidness and in some cases mistaken identity. We may not know what caused Juggals death but I am certain he didn’t deserve it. And to be killed in the streets in the front of his friends and family. What are the children coming up suppose to think? How is the community suppose to feel? It’s not safe to even be home! This nation needs a revival!

  2. The hapless Minister of Insecurity has only one explaination for the unabating Murder spree,”they are killing each other.Civil society in any other country would have continually called for his resignation but alas the conniving press corp in this country are silent to the mopst asinine statement in history and say nothing.Mother so called superior says nothing and diehard supporters of the Govt believe that they can continue with this non directional Crime approach.For us to be safe in the Bahamas its time for a democratic change in Govt.

  3. Live by the sword die by the sword, if what you say is true. But what if people seeking revenge got the wrong person??? Vigilante justice is not ever good, because it will lead to total Chaos, which is believe it or not worst than the crime situation we have now.

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