Murder victim knocked high into the air and then rolled over in Grand Bahama by his killers


Freeport, GB — Breaking news coming into our news desk from the island of Grand Bahama confirms, there has been another cruel murder in that northern part of the country. This is the second in less than 24 hours and third since the holiday.

Sometime this morning eyewitness in the Freeport area told us, a man was struck high into the air by a car. The source tell us, rather than speeding off and leaving the crime scene, the man driving he vehicle then turned around and again rolled over his victim before speeding off.

Now get this, while detectives are reporting this incident as a traffic fatality, Bahamas Press has more information to this latest homicide. We can confirm the man now on the run from police is the boyfriend of the victim’s daughter.

Sources tell us, a man known to a girl is now on the run from authorities after hitting hard via his vehicle her boyfriend dead in the street.

Blood, according to eyewitnesses, drained in dark red from the victim, and he lay dead.

BP is holding the identity of the victim, and police has yet capture the suspect.

BP reports live from Freeport where more mayhem and carnage rocks the streets of the Bahamas with a FAILED FNM government at the wheel.

This latest murder pushes the murder count up to #256 since 2009, and is the third murder incident in three days.


  1. i agree the parents always sayin that their child is good but when the child goes in public he or she wants to make a name on the street that boy who got knock down use to beat his first girlfriend he was a trouble maker parents speak the truth he attended programe shore he should off just leave the girl alone she move on so he should off move on too.

  2. Its easy to blame the government successive government were not able to control crime the real problem is us as Bahamians. We have to make our children better our community better our homes better then we will see a real change in our country. No Government will ever solve this crime problem.

  3. oneday,you are just so right,i pity the innocent blood who get caught up in this wave,but those cocksuckers who get out on bail smiling and then get shot days later good riddance!we dont have to worry about them anymore and to you parents out there who always cloaking bad children ,he was a quiet child never bother nobody bullshit!he bother everybodyelse i am sick and tired of parents trying to cover for their no good worthless children who wreak havoc on law abiding decent people and when they finally lay dead they talkin shit bout they never bother no one,what we need over here is bounty hunters,the police know the scum,put a price on their heads and see how quick this bahamas will clean up from the drug boys down turn those scum in in and we will have a better place.

  4. Shall we wait on the Government, to bring a resolution? We need a revolution, we need warriors, we need leaders, we need freedom fighters and we need pastors in the streets. Close the Church doors, close the liquor stores, close the number houses, no more bail for guns and murderers, 24 hrs to turn in all guns and after that you go to jail with no bail, $1000 for dark tents on your car window, start police profiling, 4 young males in a car and you will be stop, any one on the street after 12 will be stop. Put the defense force on the streets, Install Martial law.

    To Hell with the Privy Council.
    Hang 4 on Friday this Friday and every Friday.

    Kill them all and sort them out later

    Reagan declares ‘War on Drugs,’ October 14, 1982
    On this day in 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared illicit drugs to be a threat to U.S. national security.

    And I say in this month we the Bahamian people need to declare a war on crime, stop being a laid back passive people stand up take a stand and fight back for your country.

    Secure this place for your kids, but we wait for election to put the same people back FNM/PLP and I say none have them have the answer I say we have the answer we are the government we are the people. Lets put God First.

  5. People are dying and reporters are reporting, our nation is being lost and people are keeping statistics, where are the solutions and the town hall meetings.

  6. This place is ridiculous and it’s never going to change! These Bahamian people are ruthless individuals who have nothing to do with their lives and set out to ruin other people’s lives. They will forever be miserable and low class. And one thing that we can’t forget is how much they complain omg! They complain about everything and their momma’s. You people are the epitome of people with no class, and prayer will not help you folks even if your lives depended on it.

    • A hater like you makes the saying IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS A GOOD THING. Why well let’s just say it this way, YOU HAD BETTER NOT FIND YOURSELF NEEDING HELP FROM A BAHAMIAN BECAUSE TO YOUR SURPRISE THERE ARE THOSE WHO WOULD ACTUALLY FIND IT A PLEASURE TO HELP YOU WHEN OTHERS ARE CUTTING YOUR ASS FOR RUNNING OUT. Then again you are most likely caught up in being sexy that you fail to see the good Bahamians around you. The time would come for you to see it that way, soon.

    • Sexy Carmel, it’s low life persons like you who only after what you can get from this country and who only intend to pull this country down to your despicable standards. I just want you to know, not because your prayers are not being answered, means other persons own won’t be heard and answered, you ‘re probably praying to Satan anyway.

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