NAKED ABUSE – Bahamian Ambassador spends $6,000 in tax dollars to attend FNM Rally


Bahamas Chinese Ambassador Elle Campbell in Nassau this week at the FNM's South Beach opening. CLICK HERE to view gallary...

Bahamian Ambassador spends $6,000 in public money to attend an FNM Rally

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Nassau, Bahamas — Amidst tough financial headwinds and a global economic crisis, the FNM government saw it fit to fly in the Bahamian Ambassador to China, Elle Campbell, for an FNM rally in South Beach.

The event was to present candidate for the area Monique Gomez, da barefoot bandit attorney.

Posted live on the FNM new website , Campbell – like a mistress –  stood on the stage of the event before Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham addressed supporters gathered.

Sources in the Foreign Affairs office have confirmed to BP the arrangements cost taxpayers a whopping $6,000 to accommodate the ambassador for the political event.

What rank abuse of the public purse.

Bahamas Press calls on the Ingraham government to cease and desist its blatant abuse of limited taxpayers dollars in these tough economic times.

We call on the government to lift itself above the levels of CORRUPTION and defuse its records from such uncanny behaviours.

We report YINNER decide.


  1. BP, Your report above is extremely dishonest. She is no longer the Ambassador, you can check with the Cabinet Office to determine if your story is correct.

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