Negro Male suspected to be connected to the FNM torched the vehicle of Freedom March host Rodney Moncur 3am this morning!


Moncur must demand international protection as his life has already been threatened more than once!

Justice of the Peace Rodney Moncur’s vehicle.

Rodney Moncur J.P.
Nassau – Bahamas Press is following the firebombing of the vehicle of former Senator and political activist Rodney Moncur early this morning around 3am.

Moncur and his wife had just celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary and his 61st birthday this week when early Saturday morning a suspected political arsonist – who may have been apart of the fires at the City Dump – went to his home and torched his vehicle.

Police and firemen arrived in the area to out the fire and begin an investigation. Moncur, who has been publically threatened with bodily harm by known operatives connected to the leadership of the FNM, had recently on national television warned the public that his life was being threatened in public.

In one case the known henchmen high up in the FNM publically threatened Moncur right in front of his attorney Wayne Munroe demanding that he stop speaking out against the leadership of the ruling FNM Regime.

We advise Justice of the Peace Moncur to take his matters to the Human Rights Court of Justice and demand international protection if he finds no justice in these matters here locally.

My goodness, dey want harm Moncur for speaking out in the Bahamas! What in da hell is this?

We report yinner decide!

Vehicle burnt out!