Did someone collect bribes on a fraud Letter of Intent?

MP for Central Grand Bahama Neko Grant and Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni
MP for Central Grand Bahama Neko Grant and Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni

Nassau, Bahamas – There is war in the Free National Movement tonight after MP for Central Grand Bahama, Hon. Neko Grant, called for an investigation into alleged bribes charged by Dr Fabrizio Zanaboni, of Stellar Energy Group in the morning daily.

A recent revelation by Stellar Waste to Energy CEO Dr Zanaboni announced that both Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and Free National Movement (FNM) parliamentarians have requested small contributions to aid their constituencies while his company had business before the government; adding that the contributions ranged from $200 to $300 for community –based events according to a report published in the Nassau Guardian on Nov. 26th.

It was reported by that morning daily that Dr. Zanaboni indicated that he was asked for these small contributions by politicians and asserted that the requests were requested to advance the company’s projects.

Grant told Parliament today that he was indeed offended by the claims and that a police investigation should be had and Dr. Zanaboni as a guest to the Bahamas should be made to name those MPs. He added that he has never met the head of Stellar Waste, but his revelations had greatly offended him.

Many would remember how a major scandal erupted over a signed Letter of Intent involving the Member of Parliament for Bamboo Town Renward Wells who has since jumped ship to the FNM.

Bahamas Press one year ago in Nov. 2014 asked some questions – “WHAT WAS HOLY WELLS DOING WITH THESE THIEVES?!”

We added that Wells should also reveal who was with him when the document [LOI] was signed and who signed it with him when the fraud took place?!

Another question posted by us asked – Who generated the document which Wells signed; seeing that it was no where in the files of the Government of the Bahamas and was never ever seen by anyone in the Cabinet of the Bahamas!? THIS IS FRAUD!

And now that Wells has joined the Free National Movement, FNMs want answers and want to know how could Dr. Fabrizio Zanaboni be in the press-calling politicians Bribe Takers!

This one ga be serious and now the LOI is back on the table!

We report Yinner decide!