Nephew allegedly stabs uncle fatally in the chest in Montell Heights tonight!


Two homicides hours apart as the country awaits Cat 4 Hurricane Dorian!

Homicide #68th victim is Reno Holbert tonight in Montell Heights…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is the first to report to you homicide #68 this time unfolding in the Montell Heights Community this afternoon.

We can report the incident unfolded after an altercation with a man and his nephew started where the nephew allegedly stabbed in a fatal blow deep into the chest of his uncle.

BP has identified the male victim as Reno Holbert. Police never reported the incident until BP made the incident public. Always remember people there is ONLY ONE BP.

Meanwhile, as we gave you details, which unfolded in Montell Heights police, reported #69 just minutes ago after a fight.

BP can tell you police are presently on the scene of a shooting incident at Carmichael Road opposite Roker’s Service Station. An adult male was shot dead in that incident.

The male victim becomes the country’s 69th homicide victim.

We report yinner decide.

BP BREAKING| Live scenes of a fatal shooting at a local bar opposite Roker Gas Station on Carmichael Road. This incident occurred shortly after 10pm. Police have no motive for this latest incident. This incident record homicide #69.