New arrivals to Lyford Cay gated community tested positive for COVID19 and a big party was held Monday evening by one who is now in quarantine for COVID-19!


PM Hubert Minnis keeps blaming Bahamians for infection rate, while teams in Lyford Cay confirm new guest arrivals are creating a serious and dangerous COVID-19 spread!

COVID19 patrols cannot enter Lyford Cay to see the COVID infractions by the rich!

NASSAU| A BP investigation tells us the Emergency Powers Act only applies to the negros over-the-hill and, from what we uncovered, LYFORD CAY is a law unto itself as COVID-19 infections continue to spread there with big early morning parties hosted by the rich! We have also found out that Covid tests for persons into the country have failed according to this case!

BP sources deep behind the walls of the gated western community confirm a big party at the home of a New Yorker (who we will not name at this time) welcomed guests from all around the island on Monday evening.

The New Yorker flew into the capital recently and her antigen test failed! But the big splash was still on and went into the wee hours of Tuesday morning. No COVID-19 fines and NO ARRESTS were made! 

Meanwhile, following the Monday evening events, that more than 60 guests attended, the host presented herself to the Lyford Cay hospital with serious COVID-19 related symptoms. She tested positive for the coronavirus!

Out of the guests that were in attendance at the cocktail party, we understand some three persons have so far tested positive.

The results have prompted medical personalities in Lyford Cay to issue a stern warning to residents and members to cease their fun and frolic for the health and safety of their community leading into the holidays.

In a letter to the community dated 25th November, 2020 Dr. C. Dean Tseretopoulos wrote: “There have already been confirmed cases of COVID-19 among new arrivals to the Cay, and they must follow the recommendations of home confinement and isolation from other susceptible persons for at least 10 days, even in the absence of symptoms.

“We have a lot of elderly residents who are extremely vulnerable for whom this infection carries an inordinately high risk,” he warned. (SEE FULL LETTER TO RESIDENTS).

PM Hubert Minnis keeps blaming Bahamians for the community spread of COVID-19 in the Bahamas and has used COVID-19 patrols to fine locals for their violations of his Emergency Powers. 

We at BP put the question: When will the COVID-19 Patrols descend on Lyford Cay where huge infractions and law breaking occurs every evening with those same powers?

Will the New Yorker be fined for hosting a party into the morning and spreading COVID-19?

Or are COVID19 fines only designed for the owners of the Charms night club and the poor?


Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay and Albany are a law unto themselves! The Emergency Powers do not apply to those communities. (Chub Cay and Spanish Wells included – but yinner ain’t seen that yet – NINE MONTHS in the COVID-19 pandemic).

We report yinner decide!

Lyford Cay Doctor WARNS that community spread by new arrivals have begun!

Meanwhile police on Carmichael Road harassing the fruit and vegetable vendors on Carmichael Road all day on Friday.