New Christmas Craft Store opens in the Mall


Nassau, Bahamas – Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour, Mrs Loretta Butler-Turner officially opened the Mall at Marathon’s Christmas Craft Store on Monday. Sponsored by Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC) and the Bahamas National Craft Association in conjunction with the Mall at Marathon, it will operate through December 31.

The store features Bahamian-made craft and gift items. Pictured, from left, are Don Major, assistant general manager, BAIC; Pastor Peter Joseph, Hillview Seventh-Day Adventist Church; Martha Hanna-Smith, president, BNCA; Minister Turner; Linda Stubbs; Italia Johnson, mistress of ceremony; and Arnold Dorsett, assistant general manager, BAIC.


  1. Lets be real with this craft thing. The fact is that the tourism industry is not doing as well as it use to. As a direct result the straw industry, taxis, hotels and others in the industry feel the knock on effect. I don’t care how much native things you want to sell the numbers to make those sales just don’t add up. The Ministry of Tourism knows this full well and Vanderpool Wallace and the lot of them know it. The setting up of those stalls was an exercise to let the public know that the government was doing something. Besides most of the craft persons still have to go to Long Island and Andros to get plait etc. So this crap that BAIC goes on with is rubbish to the nth degree.

  2. All well and good but Tourism has closed down its Bay Street Festival on Saturdays and Sundays, so no more authentically programme is over No Authentically Bahamian Goods for sale on the sidewalk stalls as from today. No notice either just a few of us got told today sorry guys the programme is over dog eat your lunch

    • Was it your intention to stay on the sidewalks of Bay Street forever? I agree you should have been given more notice.Everybody wants to sell something on the sidewalk.We cannot want some vendors off the sidewalk while others remain.Are you organized as a group or are you each fighting a separate battle? If not the sidewalks of Bay Street then where? What is your long term plan?

      • long as they arent out obstructing traffic like the hundreds if not thousands of phone card “vendors” and the newspaper people that sell their products illegally standing in the middle of the road or even on the side causing criminals to stop and buy it therefore obstructing traffic .. another reason to sell the WUTLESS batelco those dummies even gave out those Batelco Phone vendor jackets to a bunch of wutless illegal street vendors.

      • Let me clarify. This was a programme instigated and run by Tourism They set up our tables allocated space and generally supervised. Unlike the people in the Straw Market we were paying $35.00 a day up front for the privilege to the Government coffers. Obviously we were not that dumb to think it was for ever. However when in one breath, like five days before the pink slip message, we had all been told it was continuing and book your tables. Go figure. We are sending communication to Tourism on the matter tomorrow

        • I wish you success and I hope you would have calmed down and become less defensive by the time you get to talk to somebody at the Ministry of Tourism.
          Get a grip! Nobody is calling you dumb.The self righteouness is not needed but is understood.
          Just asking you to do what you have to do but at the sametime maybe see the closed door as a message to open a new more permanent one for you’ll sef.The MOT was wrong for setting you’ll up on the sidewalk in the first place.
          People even government people make mistakes.

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