New hires in the Attorney General’s Office cannot work in the Bahamian Courts! Who knew this?

Office Of the Attorney GENERAL!

NASSAU| The Minnis government has hired two foreign nationals to take over the Prosecutions Department in the country, allowing the foreign appointees to supersede Bahamians!

BP got word earlier this week how a Nigerian and an Ugandan – perhaps part of the Global WTO Agenda of the Minnis Government – have been hired to fill posts in the Attorney General’s Office which could have been filled by qualified, competent Bahamians.

The New Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions is a female from Nigeria and the new Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions is from Uganda, Mr. David Baxter Bakibinga. But here’s the kicker.

The Cabinet has agreed on the appointments without advancing any formal notice of the hires to the Judicial and Legal Service Commission or the Bahamas Bar Council.

The Bahamas Bar Association, in particular, was caught off guard following these hires by the government, as there is no application for admission before them!

The failure of the Government to give proper advance notice to these bodies proves something sinister. Without such applications means that both new hires cannot even work in the courts of the Bahamas until such a vetting is done.

We keep warning yinner about the weaknesses of Carl Bethel! Ya’ll forget how Papa kicked Bethel out the Cabinet to make way for John Delaney, eh? Has anyone ever asked why?

Anyway, we ga report and let yinner decide!