New Polling Data on the Jan 28th questions are SHOCKING!!!


Boy all we ga say is this: “If ya don’t laugh you will cry!”

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has again contracted with the polling outfit BBB Analytics to conduct polling on our behalf on the referendum questions. This polling company now has a proven track record in the region. It was right on the mark during the Jamaican Elections even though the major newspapers had the PNP losing. In the May 7, 2012 elections held here, BBB was deadly accurate.

The polling firm had the results of the North Abaco by-election spot on to the last ballot.

The Chief Economist, has told BP, ” We have conducted a Country wide poll of 847 likely voters on whether they will vote “yes” or “no”, we now have the raw data in hand and will complete our analysis by Monday Jan. 14,2013″.

We at BP have seen the raw data which has been tested via our in-house statistician; and they are indeed shocking!

We will release the numbers on Monday, all we can say is, “Monkey soon put question to he mah and ask where has all the money gone”?

Our readers and those astute Politicos will recall, Papa Clown aka Hubert Ingraham lying to the Bahamian people saying that the FNM had conducted the largest poll ever in the history of the Bahamas and they were well ahead in the May 7th Elections. WHAT A DAMNABLE LIE HE TOLD! We told him then that he was a liar, we say to another group, somebody lying to you.

Stay Tuned.

We report yinner decide!