New PM and Roberts run in Elizabeth? 2010 promises to be a Politically Charged YEAR!



Nassau, BahamasOutside the talk of a sluggish economy, rising debt and unemployment Bahamas Press has a peek view into 2010. We know it will be a politically charged YEAR!

BP sat down with some players of both major political parties to get the inside scoop and boy, this was shocking.

The year 2010 will prove to be when all the dust settles the most active political year ever for both major parties according to our sources.

malcolm-adderley“We all know the hot button topic of the day is the Malcolm Adderley story. This politician, whether we like it or not, will define the political landscape of the Bahamas in 2010,” our FNMdeep throattold us.

“As you are aware the Prime Minister has already advised FNMs to meet him same time same place for Convention 2010 and here’s why. Malcolm will take us to the political testing wells. The by-election in Elizabeth in 2010 will make or break the FNM. Our leader, Mr. Ingraham knows this. If we win the seat, which we intend to do, the 2010 Convention will become the meeting ground to destroy the PLP in an early 2011 general election. If we lose, then it will mean the 2010 Convention will be a battleground for the leadership of the Party.

Prime Minister told the media when asked if he will contest the top post in a 2012 election in January 2008, ‘Come back in two years and ask me that.’ Well, 2010 is here and we all know the question will be put. That’s the hint BP, if we fail in Elizabeth and the Bahamian people rejects us there, we could have a new Prime MinisterDesignate at this upcoming Convention.”bradley-roberts-copy

Our FNMdeep throatadded, “There are already hidden letter writing campaigns attacking Tommy Turnquest, we know why that is. We know why members of the Nassau Institute are demonizing him. The jockeying for the Party’s top post has already begun, and it is hidden in those same WUTLESS Media pages.”

The news gets even ‘juicer’ inside the PLP as we are getting word the Malcolm saga will make or BREAK Christie. Sitting down with a highranking member of the PLP the news is no better. Our source inside that political machine told us, “Well BP we know what we have to do in 2010. We must win Elizabeth and return that to the PLP column. We have a greater fear though, that being, what are the prospects if we lose? This is the milliondollar question. That will be devastating news for the Party. And it could take out the leadership in an October 2010 Convention.

brent-symonette.jpg“This is why BP, I am suggesting to the organization, we put down no bets on this one. As we coached Bradley Roberts to return as Chairman, and you can see he’s doing a DAMN good job, I think we should support and coach him run for the Elizabeth seat. He, in my humble opinion, is the only person who can save the PLP from the embarrassment of an Elizabeth lost and ultimately turn the PLP from a shameful general election defeat. The fact is, we need BIG BAD BRAD in the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY! If this happens 2010 could be a promising year for the Party.”

When our PLP source was asked the question, so what he thinks about Christie in 2010? His words, “Christie? Well, Mr. Cat and Fiddle is right there on has compound picking up trash, he’ll soon get the message, RESIGN!”

That said, Bahamas Press wishes all our committed patrons a SPLENDID NEW YEAR!


  1. Media, the way the posts go through is frustrating.. That’s why I have lost interest in posting.. I still read though…

    This is an interesting thread though.. It’s quite balanced and I don’t know what else to say….

    BP fix this site please, it’s depressing…

  2. We will be the first to say we LOVE our band. So this is really not a hit at them, but we are still wondering how with all this shaking up, how is it illegal sloops could pass right in front of the Defense Force Base and land in Nassau Harbour.

    We need serious CHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY. Where are the outposts looking out to sea 24 hours ALL AROUND THIS ISLAND WITH NIGHT VISION CAMERA. NO ONE IS RUNNING THIS COUNTRY!!!!!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

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