Delroy Rolle is the nation's 56 traffic fatality


Elroy Rolle 1

The scene of the accident early this afternoon. Photos by Rodney Moncur.

By Rodney Moncur

Nassau, Bahamas — Another man has not lived to see 2010. Police are reporting there has been another traffic fatality in the capital. Sources tell us this afternoon a motorcyclist succumbed to injuries as he lost control of his bike and crashed to his death. Elroy Rolle 3

Twenty year-old, Delroy Rolle, of Market Street south,  was killed  instantly this afternoon on Palm Tree Avenue when he crashed while popping his trail motorbike, into  the rear of a Mac truck which was travelling east along Palm Tree Avenue.

Rolle lifeless body was pronounced dead on  the scene by paramedics.  According to eye witnesses, Rolle had been popping his bike and looked back to hail some friends when he crashed into the Mac truck, which was following a vehicle which came to a stop at the red light.

Eye witnesses said, Rolle was not wearing any helmet. He is the nation’s 56 traffic fatality for the year.

Elroy Rolle 4

Funeral directors cart away the body of Delroy Rolle.


  1. Very sad but hopefully the children and others waching the aftermath see there is an ultimate  consequence  for ignoring road and personal safety. Nuff said.

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