Neymour, M.P.—“Please Say It Ain’t So!!”


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Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that Phenton Neymour, M.P. for South Beach, was touring the South Andros Constituency a few weekends ago, with his father, Basil Neymour as his tour guide. Bahamas Press found this information to not only be puzzling—but also nonsensical for a few reasons; so Bahamas Press puts the following questions to Neymour:

  • 1.    Why are you seeking to run in South Andros?
  • 2.    What do you know about South Andros, other than the fact that your father took a severe cut hip when he ran for the seat?
  • 3.    Wasn’t it always your heart’s desire to represent your home of Exuma, but you ended up being successful on the second try at South Beach? So why South Andros?
  • 4.    Are you concerned that Mr. Ingraham will cut up South Beach, to effect the Bamboo Town boundaries and you become a victim of  Mr. Ingraham’s plan to harm M. P. McCartney’s political future?

Bahamas Press wouldn’t put it pass Mr. Ingraham to be trying to kill two birds with one stone by cutting up South Beach. In any case, The South Andros seat is not for you, not unless, of course, your father is back to trying to run your life again—which in this scenario, will only cause you to get ‘a second generation cut hip’ in South Andros!!!

For your sake, Neymour, please say it ain’t so.


  1. @tired so you say, but i think he jus want to try all of the souths, south beach south andros but not knowing that south & south = –

  2. Phenton Neymour do you dare?!!! You have the salt to scope out Andros for whatever reasons…yet you don’t seem to care about your own constituency of South Beach. I am one of your constituents and I have never seen you in South Beach (with the exception of last election campain time). My husband made an appointment to see you last year and your office promised to call him with a date and time…needless to say he never got that call. When he went back to your headquarters he was turned around a couple of times until he got tired. Some nerve you have! South Andros wouldn’t be so fool as to vote for such a deadbeat as yourself.

  3. He is the state environment minister correct? Perhaps its related to his job functio in some way?

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