NIB attempts to take credit for the ESS system at NIB that was left in place before it was shelved by the current Minnis Government!

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Well, after two years of experiencing a dangerous backlog in the process at NIB for clients to receive their due checks, NIB is now saying they have a plan.

What is clear is the fact that the Minnis Government did not have a plan! And here’s what we mean.

Immediately following the 2017 General Elections, PM Hubert Minnis himself sent home the hard-working executives of NIB and shelved all the projects they were working on, including the Employer Self Service Portal (ESS) that was already completed. 

But after staff turmoil, serious data backlogs, slow processing of cheques and rank incompetence, the National Insurance Board [all of a sudden] through its Director is bragging about ESS in the media as if it’s her own idea.  WHAT A LIE!

Bahamians must remember how the former PLP Government implemented ESS, which was a result of the failed systems they met left in place by the first FNM Administration. And now that they see they didn’t have a plan after stopping all those they met back in 2017, the ESS is suggested as something new?

It’s now time for The Bahamas to see FNM ideas. ESS was left in place at NIB back in 2017 but stopped. Stop taking credit for the PLP work and thiefing it as your own accomplishment, Minnis.We report yinner decide!