NIB EXUMA closes its doors to struggling residents now unemployed! HOW WICKED!!!


When will NIB restore its ESS system so clients can pay into the scheme?

Exuma NIB Office CLOSED! Lockdown!

EXUMA| An injustice is being done to the people of Exuma by the Minnis Government!

Residents have telephoned BP advising how NIB has delayed the delivery of their unemployment cheques.

Clients told BP, “We are being treated with the most disrespect by this incompetent Minnis-led Government! NIB Nassau claims – after almost three months of processing an unemployment benefit -that they sent cheques here to Exuma.  However, now, due to the national lockdown, the local office here is closed.

This is not right or fair to our people and NIB must do better!

Also, when will the ESS system that went down from April return so NIB employers can pay? WHEN? 

Thank God for Exuma’s DECENT MP I. Chester Cooper, who, from the start of the lockdowns, began a massive feeding programme to help those most affected in these most difficult and challenging times.

We report yinner decide!