“Da Lockdown” PM does more to confuse Bahamians than educate them!

“Da Lockdown” PM Hubert Minnis

The Editor
Bahamas Press
3rd August 2020
Dear Sir,

It must be clear to the Bahamian people by now that the Free National Movement (FNM) government has no intention of letting us know anything about what they have done in our name.

This includes the billions borrowed and the millions in donations from foreign donors and NGO’s which apparently none of our business.

This government came to office promising transparency and accountability in all public life. What we got instead was arrogance, hubris, and flippant remarks from the government Ministers, especially the Prime Minister. Now we have a disaster on our hands; the Covid-19 pandemic has laid waste to the Bahamas, its lifestyle, and its economy.

Yet, the Prime Minister does nothing but hold insipid press conferences which do more to confuse Bahamians than educate them.

The FNM handling of the pandemic has been slipshod, unhelpful, and disingenuous. No one to date has a full grasp of the magnitude of our problem.

Not the government, the Bahamian people or those businessmen who employ thousands of Bahamians.

The PM still does not understand that any moral authority he had to lockdown Bahamians dissipated when we found out that these rules did not apply to the FNM’s monied benefactors and supporters’ some of whom were allowed to travel during lockdowns to bury pets.

We Bahamians by contrast cannot properly bury our mothers, fathers, siblings and loved ones, attend church or hold weddings.

Now that the damage has been done the PM has resorted to his favourite ploy, blame the people or the PLP.

The PM is incapable of admitting his mistakes and taking advice. Bahamians are sick and getting sicker; he keeps insisting that he is a doctor, but the PM has assiduously ignored the evolving science on Covaid -19 its risks and how it is spread.

The Bahamas has the lowest testing rate in the Caribbean despite borrowing Billions of dollars and allotting the Health Ministry very large budgets. The Cayman Islands for example has tested almost its entire population as of this writing.

That is why all of the FNM’s efforts to control the spread of the disease have failed and failed so miserably; and their sycophants give ever more confusing and convoluted press statements which Bahamians do not believe as they are not coming from credible sources.

The PM wanted to be a star and take all credit for his handling of the Covaid-19.

He thought it would make him look prime ministerial and somehow save his incompetent administration.

He is wrong; to us, he will always be a bumbling failure and the “lockdown PM”.

Michael J. Brown