NIB Managers and Line Staff remain home for a second day!

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Some 90% if the staff across National Insurance Board offices have failed to show up for work in what is being played out as a serious protest by management and line staff unions.

Stalled union talks have led to no cashiers showing up for work. Their absence also means no funds can be collected at the nation’s social security agency. This is not good.

Workers are mad at how NIB Board could hire all of Brensil Rolle’s family and another Cabinet Minister’s wife and sweetheart, but cannot decide on a union contract.

The Minnis Government entered the 52 week programme on the anniversary of their election to office on May 10th, 2017. As it stands the Minnis REGIME has only 45 more weeks on the programme.

NIB Board has just arrived to the Baillou Hill Road Complex.

We report yinner decide!