NIB Penalizing FNMs? BP is curious….


Guess what we uncovered at NIB this time!

NIB head office on Blue Hill Road.

Nassau, Bahamas — Numerous reports of victimization at the National Insurance Board are pouring in to BP of late. The reports are saying that once an employee is suspected of supporting the FNM they are ostracized and emotionally beaten down on the job.

Now BP thought this was a little strange, but decided to investigate anyway to see if it was true. BP spread its agents out in the field to stake out NIB. Nothing to that effect was reported.

BP agents found out that the FNM had its supporters so spoiled at NIB when that party was in power, they can’t seem to adjust to the way things are now at NIB – every employee has to EARN his/her salary, all rules and regulations are enforced etc. You would think after almost three years the adjustment would have been made by now.

Another thing BP discovered was that FNMs were going around saying, “we still in charge you’ll only warming da chairs” so they had to be continuously reminded, by the powers that be, that they were expected to perform the duties they were paid to and there would be no more talks of “still being in charge”.

So to victimization at NIB, BP says NO!!! WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE OF SUCH! Agents on the ground have declared that place VICTIMIZATION FREE THANKS TO THE NEW PLP.

We Report! Yinner Decide!!