‘Night Nurse’ gets big job at Education Council thanks to the Prime Minister!


Nurse appointed inside the Education Council wreaks havoc in the department

Lisa Stovel Rolle (inset) shown here back in September 2007 when Hubert Minnis was Health Minister in the Ingraham Government. Minnis has now appointed the “Night Nurse” to a Council in Education.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now learning that the Education policies and procedures are not being followed inside The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas, which is another government department, after a close friend of the Prime Minister from the medical field has been appointed. We are getting concerned as issues inside the department are growing worse by the day.

BP is understanding the very foundation of the national education standards is seriously threatened by the Minnis plant and we need to bring this to the nation’s attention.

We understand Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd has failed to deal with what is happening at the Council, knowing that the nurse of 29 years doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. She knows a doctor, ya see. See, only BP can knit these pieces together.

While decent, friendly, competent, efficient and effective staff at the Council have been put in turmoil, former healthcare worker Lisa Stovel Rolle appears to have full control to jack up the organization and send the education standards down the tubes across the country. Making the Council an embarrassment locally and internationally.

Bahamas Press has recorded how Stovel Rolle is instructing her staff to register schools that have not met The Council requirements or standards. And we at Bahamas Press will not be surprised if corruption is not at play in some of the decisions by Stovel Rolle…BP IS WATCHING!

Even customers of the Council have expressed dismay at the rude and unprofessional behaviour of the nurse who wiggled her way into this position of serious responsibility with the help of her special politician friend. Staff have been silenced and hands bound as she reports anyone who dares to speak up.

BP has learnt of a how the retired nurse faked a health scare and claimed she had to be rushed to the hospital. However, the hospital has no record of her being there at the time she claimed.

Stovel Rolle has told staff at the Council that no one can move her from the position as countless complaints have gone to the PS and Minister and they continue to be ignored. This cannot continue!

How much longer must the Bahamian People put up with all these lies and bedroom bullies? HOW LONG BAHAMAS?

We report yinner decide!