Senior politician gal pal spent over $15,000 on food at her 50th birthday bash where BP was invited!


All guests attending the party were given a gift! Senior politicians and bigwigs also attended the evening birthday party…. Gal Pal has four jobs in the Government.

Munnings Road still closed as residents want the public out and the Government agrees.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press wonders how COVID Police missed the big party celebrated by the senior politician’s gal pal in western New Providence a few weeks ago which BP announced before it took place.

The gal pal has been captioned with the title around the nation as “LEGS-WIDE-OPEN” after an entire street was closed by her request, forcing the death of an innocent young woman who was a former employee of Royal Bank of Canada.

The 50th birthday party was even bigger than BP had expected. It was an all day affair with breakfast in the morning (as BP reported) and dinner late into the evening hours.

The gal pal has more than one job in the sitting FNM Government, collecting several cheques each month from taxpayers as the money goes into the garbage drains. Gal pal recently took over a key position deep inside the Ministry of Finance, weeding out longstanding qualified Bahamians.

The cost for the food alone, we understand, totalled some $15,000 and, even in these hard economic times, every guest who attended the birthday bash was given a gift.

The senior politician who collects his regular Stew Fish meals from the mother of the gal pal did not show up for the morning events as he was overseeing the weak support of FNMs on a Family Island, but he did show up for the evening session where he wine, dine and yinner know what into the night.

BP did not collect our gift as we had serious technical difficulties recording the footie events under the table between the politician and the gal pal. In fact, we were called to the scene of another incident and forgot to collect.

We are told BP was given a new drones for a gift and told not to use it over the house when the Senior Politician comes around.

We report yinner decide!