Immigration has gone to the dogs under Clarence Russell…


Dog trainer from the Prison Service without any qualifications gets a top post in Immigration over long serving employees…

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following the recent appointment of retired Prison Officer David Rolle to the post of Senior Immigration Officer.

Now Rolle is a dog trainer – and an excellent one, too. In fact, he can train a dog to do absolutely anything, which is a good thing when dealing inside the Immigration Department.

He, like along with many other former Prison Officers now transferring inside the Department of Immigration, knows absolutely nothing about the Immigration Department and is taking up key posts in the department just like WUTLESS Clarence Russell. 

Rolle has no certification, no degrees, no academic qualifications and, if you look closer you might find an interesting birth certificate. So what qualifies him to a position as Senior Immigration Officer when he has not been advanced by the Commission to be appointed by the Governor General to wear an Immigation uniform

Besides, he is a retired officer who should be collecting a pension. Thus he is only contracted in Immigration and should not be in uniform! WHAT IS THIS? Yall see the foolishness unfolding inside your government yet? Minnis, you see this? You see how Clarence Russell gat the Department all huckleup? BARKING TO THE MOON!

You know, Immigration Officers who have spent 20 years in the job and who qualified themselves for higher positions have been denied promotions to Senior Immigration Officers. SO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS CASE?

Bahamas, we are in a bad state. From the looks of things, this can only get worse before it gets any better.

We report yinner decide!

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