No Bahamian Relay Athletes to show at World Relays and Olympics thanks to your WUTLESS BAAAs President!


Some people in-charge around here just HATE THE BAHAMAS!

(L-R) Irene Jelagat, Faith Chepngetich Klipyegon, Mercy Cherono and Hellen Osando Obrir of Kenya pose together after setting a new world record of 16:33.58 in the woman’s 4X1500 metres relay – Getty Images.
Drameco Archer-Lauriston

NASSAU| All we can say is that the President of the BAAA’s Drameco Archer-Lauriston must be abandoning his duties as one of the leaders of the sports for his bid in politics.

Sports was delivered another blow as the BAAA’s is denying our hard working athletes the chance to go to the World Relays next month and Olympics this Summer.

Archer-Lauriston continues to fail the country’s athletes following his recent decision to cancel our athletes presence at the World Relays and now we hear no relay teams will attend this Summer Olympics.

It’s unbelievable that the BAAA’s leader did this without contacting the athletes who are all training very hard for the Olympics and would definitely take advantage of every opportunity to get in some early action by attending the World Relays.

Another concern that raises question is funds for athletes travel. Are there any funds and if not, did Archer-Lauriston even try to raise funds for athletes to travel to the meet? Perhaps his most recent interest in running for the FNM in the next general election is more important. Well what kind a representation he expects to give the People of Fort Charlotte with this kind of WUTLESSNESS presently unfolding?

It appears that the BAAA’s president Drameco Archer-Lauriston is very consistent in his leadership in dropping the baton. You can just imagine his next race for the FNM – And how that will end?

Do we know if he contacted all athletes for the World Relays?

Do we know if funds was raised to take athletes to the meet?

Do we want someone changing directions before his job is done?

The Bahamas has some of the best athletes on the track and yet no one will be at an international meet?

What programs were created or have Archer-Lauriston supported under his leadership?

I guess the president of the BAAA is overly focused on trying to find funds for his cut hip in Fort Charlotte that we won’t have a single relay team in the Olympics or represented at the World Relays. This is a direct result of his lack of focus. Archer/Lauriston…failing the athletes and failing the country!

And we at BP keep telling yinner – IF YOU BELIEVE Hubert Minnis interested in yinner – then das on you!

We report yinner decide!