No Joke of the Week here, this is SERIOUS!



A hole in one seen riding in this vehicle as it stopped at the traffic light on Shirley and East Streets just outside the law offices of Wells and Wells at Columbus House. The picture tells a thousand words of the GRIM STATE OF MANY BAHAMIANS. A hole has eaten away into the pockets and now socks of many Bahamians.

Nassau Bahamas: Nassau has some real funny scenes when you come across them. Some believe it is at Junkanoo where you find scenes like in this photo, and others think you see them at a church setting. But here is one funny photo taken in the city of Nassau, on Shirley Street to be exact. The photo depicts a sock that has found cold air on the feet of the one who wore it. We saw this photo on yesterday and it answered the  questions put to us by a BRILLIANT writer in this country. The writer asked, “Will Bahamas Press consider lowering the temperature during the holiday season? He asked would you all lay low until the New Year, and lessen the attacks on these VICKED BANDITS that continue to rob the poor of this country?”

After seeing this photo above one will understand what our reply was. Christmas for many is also a sad time (ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR). Did anyone see the LONG LINE Of elderly persons at a soup kitchen this week? The elderly in this country are begging for food and the young cannot find a job. Where does that put the children? YES, THEY ARE CRYING FOR FOOD, to burrow Ingraham’s line of 2001.

How can Bahamas Press keep quiet when thousands in this country are returning to darkness this winter, because BEC will again shutoff their lights for a second time. How can we take a break, when 1,200 workers at Atlantis have joined the 1,200 workers SENT HOME BY the Ingraham’s government last year, all now are sitting home, out-of-work and money running low, with NO POSSIBLITY OF A NEW JOB IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE!

How can we at Bahamas Press break for holiday, when scores of others were put out of the trailer homes on Grand Bahama by this heartless government, which has left the people of that island sitting in the road, with them queuing LONG, LONG lines searching for work and food?

How can Bahamas Press take a BREAK when the WUTLESS ‘Toilet Paper’ defends a so called VETERAN JOURNALIST, whilst in the same breath, avoids hiring a single Bahamian talent to its managing director post?And have VICTIMIZED MANY OTHER WOMEN JOURNALIST IN THIS COUNTRY?

And how can we stay silent when a list coming to our office confirms that scores of Bahamians who have paid their down payment for their homes at the Mortgage Corporation from APRIL of 2007, and today  – 20 months later even after some of those same homes have being painted for a 3rd time at $7,000 each painting, this heartless government of Hubert Ingraham still refuses to let those families turn their keys this Christmas.

So no we cannot stop. This train of writers cannot keep silent, although it is Christmas. We represent the poor, the weak, the downtrodden, the forgotten, the marginalized, the disenfranchised and the dispossessed in this country. We speak for those who have lost their voice to speak for themselves, particularly during this Yuletide season. They all need someone to speak for them and tell it like it is. BOTH PLPs AND FNMs WOULD AGREE WITH THAT!

And so our cause is NOW, particularly NOW for those who we defend. For as the good book says, the poor you have with you always and therefore so there should be always a voice for the poor.


  1. just an on looker: How are you doing? Where have you been? I have not heard from you in a while. Really miss you. I don’t think I will be baking any pastry anymore; they are too much of a temptation. Right now I am so mad because everybody have been giving me sweets and I am trying to watch my waistline, a friend of mines brought me a huge can of those butter cookie with the sugar on top, a former coworker of mines brought me a box of chocolate, my nephew’s teacher baked me a fruitcake, everybody who knows me know how I love sweets, but I am sorry I will not allow them to fattening me up for the New Year. What I did, I give them out to my church members; they were really happy for the treats. Now I am telling everybody to please send fruits and vegetables. I am not getting caught up with all this holiday eating and gift buying. I told everybody if they need a hug, advice or a listening ear to get through these rough times, I am available. That’s the best I can do right now.

  2. Hey Kim, have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Ya ain’t give ma none of dat Up-side-down Pineapple Cake, I hope ya keep dem Christmas Cookies away from dem Cookie Monsters and save me some dem.

  3. In my opinion anybody who could have their foot hanging out off a car window like this in public has no class to begin with and is simply nasty. This picture tells a lot about this individual and it does not paint a pretty picture. Not everybody who has a hole in their sock can’t do better you have some people who find it hard to spend money on them selves. In my evaluation of this situation, this individual does not appear to have any shame. It is obvious that this person is very proud of this hole in their sock, why else would they have it on display like this? It is not mandatory for them to have their foot out off the car window like this; I believe they wanted people to see what kind of mindset they have. To me it appears to be a mindset of a very dangerous criminal, I could very well be wrong though. Anyway Media I feel what you are saying and my heart goes out to those persons who are going through a very difficult time right now. I think it is good that you are speaking on their behalf, because somebody should, but this person with this hole in their socks is a big disgrace and I can’t condone or make excuses for this type of behaviour. If they have fallen on hard times, I could clearly see why, because they don’t seem to have any pride in themselves or for their fellow men. This is a very disturbing picture.

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