Now here is a JOKE OF THE WEEK, a sign made up just opposite Doctor’s Hospital announcing a “Recession SPECIAL”. Not Christmas Special, NOT Blowout Sale but “RECESSION Special”. Looks like even the marketers know how to get the public’s attention these days, just say RECESSION. But if you talk to some people at the WUTLESS MEDIA places in this country , they would tell you EVERYTHING IS UP and doing GREAT except CRIME. LOL!


  1. Things are really rough and small business owners are really struggling. I marked all my shoes down to $10.00 in my store and I thought that was a big discount, until I came across this store on Wulff Road whose prices are normally much higher than my own and we pretty much carry the same name brands and styles, they had all their shoes marked down to $5.00. I was so shocked; all I could have said to myself, the recession is really here. If I was to drop my prices any lower, I might as well close up shop, because I will not be making a profit. I am just trying to take advantage of this season and make all the right decision, because I don’t know what’s in store for next year.

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