NO! NO! NO! Not Now Richard Lightbourn told Parliament on COB to University!


Some people just live in the past and they support TEAM BUTLER AND SANDS!

Richard Lightbourn MP for Montaqu
Richard Lightbourn MP for Montaqu

Nassau, Bahamas – It looks as if at least one MP some 30 years since tertiary education developed in the Bahamas, Richard Lightbourn, a BIG TIME SUPPORTER OF TEAM LBT, believes we are not ready for a university.

With all the glaring facts that Bahamians are running and teaching at Universities around the world. And with the fact that we are producers of great global talent, Richard, the man always dressed in the hangman’s suit believes Bahamians cannot do it. This is incredible.

His comments were recorded on the floor of the Parliament as the lower house debated the act to provide the legislative framework for the University of the Bahamas!

Sometimes you just gata wonder what part of the Universe Richard was transported from.

Now here is a man rolling with team, which speaks that one day they want to be the future of the Bahamas, but every time you hear them speak they are living in the past!

The world has changed Richard! We live in a global village where education and learning and opportunities to grow are vast. It is all around us.

What would the quality of brain talent in the Bahamas be like had we adopted his empty, lifeless, extinct thoughts more than 30 years ago and not created the College of the Bahamas. What kind of brains in the profession of nursing, education, engineering and law would be in the country today if the seed was not planted many years ago with COB?

What is frightening though is this; the “educated” may just be supporting his jackass logic although many of their children have attained higher learning right at COB!



  1. It would cause anyone whos invested in American Universities to lose money not that much but still a loss. #PROXIMITY

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