No punishment by Education for violence between Cabinet Minister’s sister and teacher over a cellphone cord…

Minister of Education Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.
Renward Wells – MP for Bamboo Town

NASSAU| Almost nothing has been done to address the violence displayed between two educators at C. V. Bethel High School that landed the Senior Master at that compound in hospital.

BP reported some weeks ago how two teachers, one the sister of Cabinet Minister Renward Wells, attacked another educator over a cellphone cord while she was in her classroom.

Now, with all the students looking on, other educators, the janitor and the rodents viewing the ghetto display of the Cabinet Minister’s sister, some at the school have launched a witch-hunt to try to figure out how BP know all this?! WELL, WAIT!

So far the Ministry of Education has only asked for a report. And they got a report, but what has been done since the incident? Absolutely nothing!

How could a learning environment turn so quickly into a backyard jungle ghetto-style attack is beyond us? When there is no discipline, respect, leadership, and punishment for lawlessness only violence can result! And that is how school campuses become cells of terror and crime!

Renward Wells’ sister, who is also the Bahamas Union of Teachers Shop Steward at the school, remains unpunished by the wutless leadership at the school. This must result in real danger to law-abiding students and teachers alike. This bold threat to students and teachers cannot go unchecked and we at Bahamas Press want the leadership inside the Ministry of Education to know that BP has just downgraded this school!

Deal with violence swiftly or have nothing to say when students carry on like vicious animals! look what education has come to in the Bahamas!? And where is Belinda Wilson to deal with her wild animal?! WE NEED CHANGE!

We report yinner decide!