No Report on Da Budget ….. Da Gender Bender Budget That Is


PART THREE! How much public money at ZNS was paid for the production Transgender Special? Yall keep failing to respond…

Tori Culmer and ZNS News Director Andrew Burrows.

Nassau, Bahamas – Well Conchy Joe!! Reports coming into BP today tell us that the Director of the News Room at ZNS fell ill after reading reports of his sexcapades in BP. We understand that the hapless news wannabe boss had a break down of his immune system after reading BP and caught the flu.

We know he will soon call in sick again ’cause he is ducking our big question, which is: “WHAT WAS DA BUDGET FOR PRODUCING YA SISSY FILM??” Yes, the News Director is fixated on the ins and outs of alternative lifestyles for some reason and wasted ZNS money on producing this film that only “those it concerned” watched. We at BP call it an abuse of power to please society’s minority sector. What MARRIED MAN with children is fixated on people who are confused about their gender? We want to know what is his interest in dis type of ting???

No report on da budget, yet!! We want to know how much da sissy movie cost???

Dis man is so disrespectful. He shows his utter disrespect for the General Manager of ZNS at all times by trying to turn staff against this experienced news woman and also speaking the worst of her in public places. He acts like there are no boundaries for him at ZNS because he is the cousin of high-ups ruling the land! What A Shame! He is always bragging about being “THE RELATIVE” and using this fact to threaten and intimidate people.

This man, who knows nothing about news is oppressing the staff of the ZNS newsroom – all besides one – the fair, chocolate colored maiden who has moved into his office with her air bed. The oppression is evident by the low morale of the newsroom staff. Not only does the News Director abuse his power, but he also victimizes staff that he believes are FNMs.

While he locks himself in his office with his “pen pal”, doing God knows what like looking for slippers under the desk, other people are doing the job of the News Director, which he is incapable of doing! He is getting paid a whopping $80,000.00 a year, drives a big time European car while the hard working staff are hustling to make a living, riding da jitney and getting paid peanuts all because he would not recommend them for raises and promotions. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

He comes out of his office, intimidates and victimizes a few people and then heads back in his office for more of whatever goes on in there. My God! You tell us if the News Director een psychotic!!?? What in da hell is dis??!!

He continues to use the airwaves to spread PLP propaganda and even PLPs are disgusted and pulling their advertising money from ZNS radio and television because this disreputable fool who lacks credibility won’t shut up. Sad little fella, he is!!!

For the past five years, the staff of ZNS newsroom has been exposed to a tyrant who doesn’t know his ars from his elbow. After instructing the Human Resources Dept. to cover the cost of his on-air Birthday celebration last week many are questioning the lack of financial oversight of the Bahamian people’s radio station. Along with the Financial Comptroller being terminated recently, the Broadcasting Corporation’s Board of Directors tenure expired in June 2016 leaving a huge void in the systems of fiscal responsibility at ZNS. What say you Auditor General? Where is Da Auditor General is my cry! WHO WILL BELL THE CAT???

Stay Tuned – ZNS ga be hot into elections on BP!

We report! Yinna decide!