Nurse and accident victim in Mangrove Cay had to be airlifted into the capital!


ANDROS| BP is reporting a bad traffic fatality in the community of Mangrove Cay last night. The victim we know is a male in his early 40s who is from Mangrove Cay.

We understand last night (Friday) the bikers collided with each other – one hitting the other high into the air.

The victims were brought to the local clinic where blood was left everywhere on the floor. The victim in the fatality is a Bastian (we do not have his first name).

Now, while being transported into New Providence the nurse slip and fell while attempting to give medical assistance to the surviving biker. She slip and fell hitting her head onto the ground spitting her head open where blood flowed like a heavy downpour. She too had to be airlifted into the capital for medical assistance.

The scene left at the clinic was a bloody one. Some strange things are happening and we must be extremely careful. Dese are some serious times.

But we ga keep reporting … and allow yinner to keep deciding!

Be safe!