Olympians Take Over BTC Call Center

BTC takes care of our own. Athletes With Call Center Staff members.

Nassau, Bahamas – Customers who called into the BTC Call Center Monday on Nov. 5 received quite a surprise when Olympians Michael Mathieu, Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, and Ramon Miller, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace and Anthonique Strachan answered their calls.

The six Olympic athletes got a chance to answer calls, assist customers, and act as BTC customer service representatives for a morning.

The morning visit was a part of a day of activities put on by BTC to expose the athletes to various aspects of the company. BTC signed these Olympians to contracts totaling $180.000 as part of an endorsement deal Over the next year they will appear in various BTC campaigns and make public appearances on behalf of the company.

Olympic swimmer, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace said “I got to assist a customer with getting her internet set up. It was really great to help her and really fun actually interacting with the customers and the call center staff.”

The call center help line, 242-CALL-BTC, as well as the new Twitter handle, @btchelp, assists with all customer related matters and Golden Knight, Demetrius Pinder, experienced firsthand how busy things can get. “It was much more intense than I anticipated, but it was great to interact with the customers” said Pinder.

The BTC call center assists hundreds of customers every day, and its 30+ agents address customer queries from around the entire Bahamas. “The call center is a very important part of BTC. We’re the team that nobody sees, but we give customers a voice within the company and communicate with all of the various departments on their behalf 24 hours a day, every day” said William Carroll, Call Center Manager.