Omar Archer charged and then acquitted in a sudden twist of events!



NASSAU| Omar Archer, the chief propagandist for the FNM, was brought to Magistrates Court today to be arraigned on the charge of assault. It is alleged that archer assaulted Tino Robinson of Nassau Village.

Archer, who was handcuffed and shackled, pleaded not guilty to the charge. By way of his lawyer, the court was advised that the complainant, Tino Robinson, wanted to withdraw his claim of assault by Archer.

Upon taking the stand, Robinson, who was also handcuffed and shackled, testified that he wanted to withdraw the claim of assault by Archer and he was doing so willingly, under no duress, payment or promise of favor. Archer was subsequently acquitted of the charge.

The ironic twist to this saga was that Robinson has now been charged with deception by issuing a false claim. It is alleged that when Robinson presented himself to CID to withdraw the claim against Archer he was arrested for making the initial false claim.

Robinson under the instruction of Archer’s lawyer plead not guilty to the charge. He was granted $500 bail with 2 sureties.

The cuffs and shackles were removed from Archer while Robinson remained restrained awaiting his bail to be met.

A court date has been set for November 4 for Robinson.

The master manipulator and compulsive liar, Archer , has conned this young man out of his freedom.

Robinson now faces charges while Archer walks free.