Omar Archer harms himself outside Nassau Street Courts! Archer had to be taken away by ambulance after jumping from window – perhaps to kill himself!


Sources say rather than JUMP IN DA LINE – ARCHER jumped from the courtroom window to evade CDU!

Charged with threats of death is another FNM operative Omar Archer

Nassau, Bahamas — Online blogger and the man who allegedly threatened a Cabinet Minister, Omar Archer, has fallen from a courtroom window and broken his legs.

An ambulance had to be called to the Nassau Street Court Complex to provide assistance to the blogger, who has gone on a viral rampage online lately.

Some sources believe Archer attempted to hand a prisoner a note and was cornered in the area occupied by police and that he chose his escape through the high window, almost killing himself.

BP has warned how the FNM appears to be using many suicide missionaries to deliver its commentaries online. Here is just another example of a loose canon willing to kill himself on a suicide mission.

We report yinner decide!