Omar Archer places political career on hold



Mr. Omar Archer 

Nassau, Bahamas – Outspoken PLP member Mr. Omar Archer Sr. has announced that he will be stepping away from frontline politics to pursue his BA degree full time this fall.

“Education is the key to success,  success is when preparation meets opportunity.  I am just taking this time to prepare myself for future opportunities and now is the time to focus and zero in on more important goals.” Archer commented in a press statement.

“I have been putting this off for too many years, I just can not afford to any longer”, he said.  “When asked about his future with the PLP, Mr. Archer said, my cries are the cries of the people, therefore it’s the Bahamian people who ultimately decides my political future not the PLP or and other political party for that matter.

“The people hold the power. However, this is a view that enjoys the temporary comfort of respectability only during election time.  This must change. My future with the PLP is very bright and I am excited to be a part of such a great political machinery.

“We are a privilege people who enjoy a democracy of ‘choice’ and not ‘chance’ with the Progressive Liberal Party being of no exception.  The delegates will choose, and their decision we must honor.”

When asked who he supports for deputy leader, Mr. Archer noted, “the PLP consists of many able persons who can serve as deputy leader.  I would prefer to wait until  all hands are in so as to make a more intelligent decision regarding such an important matter.  It’s important not to be blinded, I do not intend to vote for the best person, I intend to vote for the right person”, there is a clear difference between the two [Mr. Nottage & Mr Wilchombe] and will be the deciding factor in the next general election.  So this is a very important crossroad for our party.” Archer said.

Archer concluded that, when the deputy leader is chosen, then we will have a clear indication as to who will ultimately be the Leader of the party.  “That is how important this decision is.”

Bahamas Press also like to extend our  sympathy to Mr. Archer and his wife’s family on the passing of his father in law Mr. Jonathan Robins on April 26th 2008 Sunday morning.