Perry Christie NOT Ingraham is PLP greatest nightmare



Nassau Bahamas – Why would a leader who served for 5 years already as Prime Minister of Commonwealth of The Bahamas, defeated at the polls on May 2nd 2007, who suffered from a stroke, and will be approaching the age of 70 by the next election, refuse to consider NOW, taking his successor around the country is beyond us. Perry Christie must have an exit strategy from the leadership of the PLP NOW, and save his party from a second collossal defeat at the polls in 2012.

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  1. Logicial, your two cents are anything but logical. I hate to hear slack jaw people run on with doo doo. Why didn’t Tommy quit when he not only lost the election but lost his damn seat in the process? Why weren’t you FNMers talking that crap when Tommy was trying to be leader and wasn’t even in the damn house? Perry lost to Ingraham, yes, a great politician. That is nothing to be ashamed of. Ingraham knows how to win elections and his record is 3 and 0 when he leads a party. Perry is 1 and 1 and Tommy sitting on a duck egg. So why don’t you go to Tommy and tell him to quit. And lets talk about this leadership thing. What exactly are you using to define leadership? Do you consider going to the US and rolling over like a puppy dog, which is what Ingraham does everytime, ideal leadership? Over this black listing thing the first time and now again, the only thing Hubert ain’t do is put the vaseline on the spot for us to get screwed again. But you would say that is leadership we can trust right? Ask them police and customs people if they still feeling the trust.

    If you say you don’t like Perry’s style, I’ll give you that. I don’t either, but you have to be joking when you say he is a “weak” leader and can’t find a sensible, my bad, a logical reason to say why. If he’s grooming someone, i agree with Keith, you won’t hear about it anytime soon because Obie and Glenys would try and kill that person dead. I just hope whenever they have a convention, the PLP tell Glenys, thanks for coming but see you later and send her on her merry way. They better give her some cough syrup too. That gal is just plain lousy but thats another story.

  2. I like PC personally. Having said that,his leadership is weak and he should have resigned following the defeat of the PLP to the FNM in the last election. They were a referendum on his leadership. He lost to Ingraham for godsakes. Maybe he is grooming a new leader but I believe someone is pulling his strings to sabotage the next elections so that the FNM can continue governing our country. Just my 2cents.

  3. Are you serious?

    As party leader IF the Hon. Christie has or is identifying a successor, he should be grooming him/her BEFORE making some public display with the individual such as”… consider NOW, taking his successor around the country…”.

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