One student is dead and others injured in school bus rollover accident


shoe-a1Nassau, Bahamas — The streets of Nassau have claimed another life. This time it’s a 15 year-old student of the Centre for the Deaf school. Bahamas Press was on the scene shortly after young Charlise Bain was ejected from her school’s minivan after she and her seven schoolmates were all thrown from their Mitsubishi minivan vehicle on the junction at Spruce Street in Nassau Village – an area that has seen several accidents in the past because it has no stop sign.

The girl was crushed to her death in what witnesses told us was a scene from a horror movie. In fact, they said the deaf students were running around in panic bruised and in shock. 18 year-old heroes Dimitri McFall and Iesha Whylly rushed to the scene; began to calm the children, call for help. Dimitri also reached in to pull out one or two of the children who had been trapped. School officials even showed up hollering in tears for “our babies”.

Young Charlise, we understand, was riding the bus for first time. She normally was dropped off by family but wanted to ride home with friends. The scene looked like something out of a horror movie as four ambulances were being loading with children and teachers who insisted on accompanying them.bus

“I just want to see her!” screamed the child’s mother falling to the ground in tears. “God have mercy today was her first day on the bus. Oh my baby!”

Also crying his heart out was Charlise’s father had to be restrained by several officers after he tried to fight his way past them to get to his daughter who was lying under a blue bed sheet in the road between the two vehicles. In fact, after complaining of chest pains and crying uncontrollably, he asked for an asprin and then had to be taken by ambulance as well.

Officer-in-charge Insp. Stephen Dean of the Southeastern Division confirmed that the children’s vehicle overturned several times and that all of them were ejected. However he did not confirm if they were wearing seat-belts as investigations were still underway.

“On behalf of the Commissioner of Police and the members of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, we want to extend our condolences to the family of the deceased,” said Insp. Dean. “Additionally, what we want to say to persons, a word of caution to persons travelling in these residential areas. Some areas might not have road signs. We are asking you to be on the alert, to drive within the speed limits, to look before you leap through the corners and this can prevent other incidents from happening.”


  1. Sis. Bain my prayer are with you during your time of loss. I think God for the times we have spend togather. You and the children has travel, shop, stayed at my house and most of he times we ate out togather as a family Charlise will be misses by me and Ivory. I thank God for the times we have shared togather in Jacksonville, Florida. My prayers are with you and your family.

    Mother Judy Brown
    Titus Harvest Dome Church
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  2. Im from new york and i just found out she was my cousin my prayers go out to the family

  3. To the Bain family from the Patterson family, we hurt as you all hurt because Charlise was like family to us as well. Just to let you know that you have family here in Florida if you ever need someone to reach out to. Keep faith and we will continue to pray for you. God bless

  4. This is very sad, my sincere condolences to the families of these children. Road Traffic laws in this country need serious attention and upgrading. Prayers are needed, please let the public know how we may help the school, the children and especially the family of the young girl.

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