Only 95 Bahamians and residents returned to the country on Friday with one COVID19 positive!


Consul General to Miami abandons her post and bumps one citizen off the Bahamasair flight to return to the capital…

Miami’s Consul General Linda Treco Mackey arriving on New Providence on Friday abandoning her post in Miami where Bahamians are stranded. Is she in quarantine?

NASSAU| Prime Minister The Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis continues to confuse the public as he updated the public in his nationally televised address this past Sunday. 

The PM can’t count and we are convinced of it. He opened his address by welcoming home “the 183 Bahamians and residents who returned to New Providence and Grand Bahama on Friday past.”

The PM added that “Of the passengers on this flight, 51 disembarked at Grand Bahama, and 44 disembarked at New Providence.”

For the PM 51 plus 44 equals 95 and not 183. And this means some 88 Bahamians and residents remain stuck, stranded with the Consul General fleeing Florida. What is this?

The PM confirmed that one of the passengers who boarded that Bahamasair flight into Grand Bahama was COVID19 positive and questioned how was that individual permitted to board the flight into the Bahamas.

Subsequently, the PM added that officials will now investigate the matter and the returning of residents will be suspended until further notice.

Coming on the flight into Nassau was Miami’s Consul General Linda Treco Mackey. A Bahamian, now still stuck in Florida, had to give up their seat on the plane so that Treco Mackey can return home and abandon her duties. What is this?

We wonder if Treco Mackey is also self-isolating at home in quarantine?

Boy, PM Minnis your public officer in Miami has no dedication or commitment to the game of diplomacy. What is this?

We report yinner decide!