Opposition Leader Davis says PM A Menace To The Poor!

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis with youth of the Party at the Wednesday rally.

Nassau – Despite promises to bring prosperity to the nation, Opposition Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis says the Prime Minister has only shown he is a “menace on the poor” as the so-called ‘people’s time’ has become the people’s time to feel pain and suffering.

Addressing supporters at the Party’s ‘No Lie Last Forever’ rally last Wednesday, Davis said the Hubert Minnis administration has become like circus clowns, comprised of jokers, moonwalkers, back peddlers, slick talkers and back stabbers.

“Hubert Minnis aka “The menace on the poor and his pack of circus clowns rolled into power proclaiming ‘It’s the people’s time’,” he said. “Well I ger tell you what the woman in the store told me. She said “It’s the people’s time to suffer.”

Davis reminded the crowd that when Prime Minister Hubert Minnis came to office, one of the primary things he promised was prosperity and a better way of life for all Bahamians. However,  he added,  this same Prime Minister has now delivered pink slips upon pink slips to those same Bahamians.

“It’s now become the people’s time to feel pain. The people time to be fired and rendered unemployed,” he said. 

“The people time to pay high taxes. The people time to have their bus and garbage collecting contracts taken away without cause.”

Turning his attention to the Prime Minister’s recent trip to Brussels the Cat Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador MP then revealed how the Prime Minister, as head of Government of a Sovereign State, sat down across from junior level European Union civil servants and begged for mercy. This, he said, was a disgrace and a national embarrassment.

Furthermore, Davis said Bahamians are becoming wary and tired of this government, who have proven they have no plan to govern, no idea how to govern and a team with no vision to lead the country.

“We are the party of consultation. We listen and we govern by the consent of the majority,” Davis said. “The coming election and the way forward for this beloved country is all about you.”