Opposition Leader on “secret Disney deal signing”

PM HUBERT MINNIS AND Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

Nassau, Bahamas –  The Government of transparency and openness has once again failed the test of openness and transparency and flubbed the example of open government.  

Hard on the heels of the fake and phoney Oban deal, the Prime Minister sat in secret and signed the Disney deal last Thursday 7 March.  No cameras or outsiders were allowed save for the government’s minders and mouthpieces. 

The public found out by a release from the Bahamas Information Services. The PLP would never have gotten away with this and never tried to.

So the questions arise: is this a secret deal with Disney?  

Disney is a publicly traded company and ought to know better than to sign a deal in secret.

What are the details? 

Where is the environmental impact study?  

How will Bahamians benefit?  

Will Lighthouse Point be protected from ruin by poor developmental practices?

Inquiring minds want to know why the secrecy. What is there to hide? The Prime Minister and his Government need to confess and come clean to the Bahamian people with this deal.