Oswald Brown Writes on Hubert 'Mugabe' Ingraham's trip to South Africa


Oswald Brown Writes

Dear Editor,

It is absolutely appalling that Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, at a time when the Bahamian people are suffering from the cruel pangs of his draconian budget cuts, can travel halfway around the world to attend a sporting event. It makes no difference whether it’s a private visit or not, which common sense dictates it should be; it is the perception that counts. If the trip is at the taxpayers’ expense, then it is even more deplorable.

If Mr. Ingraham needed an example of how a caring leader responds in times of crises, United States President Barack Obama provided him with very good one recently when he cancelled a long-arranged visit to Australia because of the Gulf oil crisis. It was supposed to be a state visit, but he was taking his children on the trip and he made the sensible decision that it would not look good back home for him and his children to be seen sightseeing in Australia while his country was trying to find a solution to the worst oil spill in America’s history.

The sad thing is that not one member of Mr. Ingraham’s Cabinet was man, or woman, enough to tell him that he was making a drastic mistake; holding on to their jobs is their top priority. Has Mr. Ingraham allowed his arrogance to fool him into believing that the Bahamian people will accept whatever he does no matter how wrong it is? This is just another indication of how much of a dictator this man has become.

There is a school of thought that Mr. Ingraham simply does not care what the Bahamian people think of his dictatorial decisions because he has already built his retirement home in his native Abaco and does not mind if the Free National Movement is defeated in the next election, which at the current time appears to be a certainty. But while he is relaxing in luxury in Abaco in the twilight of his life—on a pension in excess of one hundred thousand dollars a year, an overly generous gift from the hard-working Bahamian people—working-class Bahamians, whose taxes pay for his retirement, will still be struggling to keep food on the table for their families and making all sorts of sacrifices to ensure that their children receive a decent education. And they call this “service to the people!”

I think it was Dante who said: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintained their neutrality.”

I am currently writing a novel and I had decided that I would generally remain under the political radar and not comment on the many questionable decisions the Ingraham government is making until my book is published, but when I got up this morning, checked by e-mail and read about Mr. Ingraham’s sporting sojourn to South Africa, I decided that I could not remain quiet on this most unbelievably stupid decision and risk making reservation for one of those hottest places in hell.

I am sending this letter to the mainstream media, but I doubt that the major dailies will publish it because Ingraham seems to have  tremendous influence over what they publish about his government. But I am also sending it to Bahamas Press, which despite its shortcomings in terms of grammar, syntax and sentence structure, is the most effective medium for the dissemination of information in the country today.

Yours sincerely,

Oswald T. Brown
Freeport, Grand Bahama
June 21, 2010


  1. Whatever we speak of ourselves materializes. It is time for us as a people to speak life. We need not criticize others to make ourselves look good; we need not negate another person to make ourselves feel good.
    If the Hon. Hubert Ingraham wishes to travel to Africa to meet with Bishop Tutu or to merely see the games how is that making the Bahamian people richer or poorer. It is time for the people to stop looking for a hand out and ensure all Bahamians get a hand up.
    Those doing the talking…What are you doing to help your brother man or your sister? Speak up.

    • Thanks Ingraham [Louise Finley]. You certainly know how to defend your self. How is SIN CITY?


  2. Before you see those guys man up, and take over the FNM, you’ll jump off the Paradise Island bridge and just as you are about to hit the water plunging to your death, you will grow wings and fly up to the heavens and hang out with the savior and his dad, for an hour or two, now if that happens, then what you are proposing will happen, now what do you think will happen?.

  3. It’s all too clear – even the blind could see that these people do not care about us. Papa Bear Hubert, Baby Bear Tommy and Charlie Pillsbury DoughBoy are partying in South Africa while we suffer and worry about how we’ll pay our rising bills, feed our children & keep our light on. They will be hosted to a get-drunk, fall-down party by Sol Kerzner while we’re held hostage in our homes by the criminals whom they have allowed to roam the streets. We need Bran, Kendal, Kwasi, Brent, & Dr. Minnis to man up right now and stage a coup to save the FNM & our country.

  4. I thought Bahamian Independence Day is July 10th (TENTH). How will HI miss Independence celebrations if he returns on July 2nd???? And in another post you say he is going to trace his roots. History tells us that the Africans brought to this region were from West-central Africa, so HI probably a bit too far South to “dig”.

    • It is what you call SPIN ABBY. Had BP not report Hubert was headed to South African you would have never known he left. We know where else he is headed and at that stop was never mentioned in the Cabinet Office Press Release. Bp ga tell you though when he leaves South Africa.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Thomas Finley, you are a complete, politically blind, FNM Jackass. Mr Brown is spot on; whether he and Tommy are paying their own expenses(which I seriously doubt) or not, his point is that in these crisis times(which Ingraham’s policies have created) he should stay his behind home and address the myriad of problems we have. Whta if it were you and your children trying to chisle out a meal each day and dying in this heat everynight because you don’t have electricity; or if you do you can’t affor to turn the air condition on because you wouldn’t be able to pay the bills? What if that were you, you jackass, would you be making lame excuses for that dictator? My guess would be no. And I will bet you a kick in the behind that the poor taxpayers will pay for that pleasure trip; and just think the sucker knows nothing about the game. I suspect they are trying to get all the perks they can get before 2012 their dooms day.

  6. The truth you say Awakened? That is very funny. First of all, the Budget is scheduled to come into effect on July 1. How then are Bahamians suffering under budget cuts that have not even been made yet?

    Secondly, Ingraham is spending his own money on a private trip. How then does being a Dictator even apply? The letter is irrational, illogical, and superfluous in its stupidity. That is all.

  7. Amen Mr Brown, you are %100 correct sir, and don’t mind the haters, their mission is to try and find an earthly god, whether it be Mr. Ingraham or Mr. Christie, keep on dropping the truth on them, it will set a lot of them free, exorcise them of the ignorance sir.

  8. What sporting event? I thought he had some urgent meeting he had to attend that would have been beneficial to the country. So, he intentionally plans these trips around Independence Day? I mean look how far he’s traveling, you could see he is determine not to be here. It’s a pity he couldn’t stay in Africa for good once he reach, but you know with our luck he is bound to come back.

  9. What you expect from Mr. Ingrahame. Those in his party have been talk bad to, told and showed by this man that they ant nothing he feel all Bahamians like so.
    Bahamians are no longer accepting what ever you give they have smart up.

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