Papa gat a brand new bag out of ZULU LAND


South Arfrica – Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham (left), is greeted by President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Sepp Blatter in Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday.

Johannesburg, South Africa
— Dressed like a stuffed pig Hubert Ingraham has rapped up his travels to South Africa. Since the demise of his Spiritual Advisor 82-year-old, Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, who was buried underneath the rubbles of Haiti, Ingraham may have travelled deep into ZULU Land to visit Dr. UNGA. He is now sporting his brand new Obeah Hat.

We warned Ingraham that the last time Pindling tavelled to Swaziland prior to the 1992 elections he was resoundingly defeated. A similar fate awaits Mr. Ingraham the day he chooses to ring the bell.

We’ve consulted two witch doctors in ZULU Land, who confirmed that the Ingraham government will fall in 18 [Eighteen] months from now and Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel will not get his deposit back. He shall lead the FNM into a vicious defeat.




  1. This story is just absolute rubbish…i read BP everyother day because some of the stories are very informative. However, when you stoop to an all time low of this nature it compromises the credibility of the other stories. This is just low-down, dirty, unnecessary garbage. Please talk about something of national importance, NOT DR UNGA AND WHOEVER MY GOD!!!. Let’s talk about what we are going to do with all the illegal hatians who are here burdening the system..A suggestion for you….please investigate why the Department of Immigration is not catching and repatriating the almost 60,000 illegals that are in the Bahamas. PLEASE CAN YOU DO THAT FOR ME rather than talk pointlees, meaningless shit bout someone name UNGA…geesh man!

  2. @ Bp hahaha you reported i think dat doctor unga and people who believe in such should go and explore one of our dep dep deep blue holes there are many from which to choose…….when you have the pope sayin the problem with hiv is exacerbated by condoms you know theocracy/state run religion is in its death throws much less the make-up and pigeon feather people like unga dem with they ole time religion … talk about when iron meet iron but when they meet fire from which they are forged they melt like butter in the sun

  3. Examiner, sounds like you really believe this non-sense that is reported by BP – Haitian Spiritual Advisor, Dr. Unga and the like. Try not to be so gullible believing everything that you read, particularly when it is obviously intended to be a joke! Dr. Unga is as real as Santa Clause, Mother Goose and the Easter Bunny. Grow up, man!

  4. The FNM will wein the 2012 General Elections. The witch doctor is the same as the witch ast Endor. Thats a lie. Wait and see. The PLP will be soundly defeated.

  5. It is amazing how FNMs like to downplay name calling when it is on one of them. I liked the description “dressed like a stuff pig”. Hubert Ingraham has done more than his share of name calling, attempts at character assination in Parliament (he does not dare outside of Parliament because Wayne Munroe right on the doorstep waiting). We owe Hubert no respect. But, I do respect the office holder who acts with respect. This mean spirited, spiteful and petty Hubert does not give the office of the Prime Minister any respect … he brings down that high office.

  6. Antoine, I believe you fight fire with fire. Bp only consulted, they did not go any further. Ingraham is the one who believes in the number 7 and had the haitian lady as his spiritual advisor not BP. As for BahamasYouth, you are a shameless FNM. If you were to do a search on this site, I will bet you that there are more stories on Perry Christie than Ingraham. Get lost again please.

  7. Like a thief in the night bahamasyouth has returned to commenting.Ironically he wants to defend PAPA but here is this baboons quote,”base of the PLP borders and some ignorant folks”.You know how I can get off on you so desist from name calling or I will cause you to again seek admittance to Sandilands.No matter what PAPA does it is still 10/10 the Bible 10.

  8. wonders if Dr. Unga could clear the debt I gat to pay could unga provide water and light for the people? this is rubbish hogwash who believes in black magic and numerology spooky spirits….politics need not descend into the mire. having said that its up to people what they read……….any word on the names of the 19 families that are involved in the port?
    Dr Unga and Dasionville are not relevent in mordern time context who cares about such things what can they do to assist anyone

  9. lol… He’s really making some @#%$&* up decesions .BUT he still is our PM …so go light on the names. There has to be a level of respect.. at least for the position..ya tink ????

  10. And that’s why you keep reading BP hey Bahamasyouth, cause you just love to be IGNORANT! HEY?

    We are here to serve YOU!


  11. You can say all you want about THE PUNCH they don’t spread propaganda like BahamasPress. They make mockery over DEATH and evil stuff. Thats NOT FUNNY OR APPROPRIATE AT ALL. BP does have their UPS and Downs but THIS TYPE OF Article’s are not appropriate but I wont expect much about a PLP FAN BASED WEBSITE LIKE BAHAMASPRESS which caters to the base of the PLP borders and some ignorant folks.

  12. “Dressed like a stuffed pig” …………………totally inappropriate. Eventhough I may not like his decision making and
    policies at this time, I will still attack his
    policies and will not stoop to name calling. We are all BLACK MEN .Shame on you BP

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