Papa say “see these hands” while the people of the Bahamas are saying “See My Foot”!


Hubert Ingraham and defeated, heartless Elizabeth FNM Candidate Duane Sand. - file Photo-

Elizabeth knows Sands is a Bad Candidate

Nassau, BahamasHubert Ingraham was somehow walking around selling quicksand to the people of Elizabeth last night as he open the headquarters of the bad candidate and heartless surgeon who does call the people in that community “Greedy”.

Yes, you guessed it! Papa was on live radio telling the people of that community what a wonderful MP Sands would be and how badly he needed him to replace another doctor! WHAT DA HELL IS THIS?

Papa began lifting his hands like a witchdoctor casting some spell, telling those gathered, “You see these hands…They are trusted hands,” as he pointed them to his few followers.

And since the “Black Hat” doesn’t work anymore as that lost its mystical powers following the death of 82-year-old Farkhondeh Dorsonvile, someone gat a new trick up dey sleeve. Talk bout “see dese hands”?

One voter hearing the PM’s comments about his hands said, “Them same hands of the PM have committed financial death to the people of the country. They loaded the pockets of the poor with heavy taxes. Strangled opportunity from the youth. Gripped the nation with the highest level of unemployment ever seen in the history of this country, and grabbed opportunity from struggling small businesses. ‘See my hands?’ Papa better look again and see the Bahamian people foot!”

The next time Papa say “see these hands” as he attempts to work his DO DOO, lift your own hands and start praying by saying “Satan, in the name of JESUS I REBUKE YOU!”

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