Papa speechwriter told friends she will not support WEAK Minnis in Killarney… WELL WAIT!


Bad Candidate Sands disappointed at poor Gill and Chill showing this weekend in Elizabeth.
ell us all as it appears is not the case.

Bahamas Press has learned that a senior technical officer who once served former PM Hubert Ingraham has vowed to spoil her ballot in the Killarney Constituency and reject FNM Leader Hubert Minnis.

The speechwriter for Papa claims she cannot support Minnis who has proven weak leadership for the FNM. Loretta Butler Turner confirmed yesterday that PAPA told her the same thing and this is why she is confused to his accession to the stage this past week.

Ingraham yall would remember was the same character who jacked up Minnis on day one and right now would not even welcome Minnis to the stage at the FNM rallies.

The speechwriter has told friends she will never vote for a weak leader to run the Bahamas and thus she will spoil her ballot before voting for Minnis in Killarney!

Boy, this some serious information coming in.

We report yinner decide!