Charles the Parliament’s ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ attacks a popular blog?


maynardcharles<<< Charles Maynard the all new Parliament’s Pillsbury Doughboy.

Nassau, Bahamas: On last week Charles ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Maynard, the Minister of State for Culture, was in the House of Assembly scolding some PLPs. We enjoyed the show. There he was looking like a junior Santa rolling with chuckles in his tight-fitted parliamentary suit, spinning in a dance as he threw darts at members opposite.

Most of the times when he laughs, we laugh. When he grins we grin. When he does a shuffle, we laugh, grin and shuffle, for when Charles speaks it’s like the circus has come to town early. But the ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ had set us up, and we could not believe it. He decided to make an attack in the HOA on a popular blog in the country, (We went silent).

‘Pillsbury’ has decided to take a swipe at bloggers. We were puzzled. Why would he want to hit out at young and old people who have something to say and have embraced technology to express their views? We at Bahamas Press turned blue!

As he continued, he tabled in the HOA a paper suggesting where he believes a member got information that was shared in the Parliament. He cited that the information had come from a blog, and place on the table of the House. The website to which the information was attained was never mentioned. He simply said it came from a ‘POPULAR BLOG’. Since his tabling of the documents, no other blog has responded to him, but today we decided let him know what’s on our mind. We remind the Parliament’s ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ that bloggers do have a say in this country!

Pillsbury should know that we know something about him that is just too nasty to discuss in the ambit of this public blog. It is too raw, nasty and just plainly unparliamentary to be discussed on a blog rated ‘G’. But here is what we will say, however.

Charles should remember as he served the shortest term as leader of a political party in the modern day history of this country. Back in 2005 when BJ Nottage returned back to his vomit, Charles was quick to announce that he was the leader of the CDR. There he was seen looking like a thinner Santa back then, telling the nation that his party is still focused and will remain a contender in the 2007 general election.

In a Nov. 22nd, 2005 edition of the Bahama Journal Charles said, “We believe the Bahamian people deserve an alternative and it is very important for us to stay active and it is very important to keep our doors open for all those who are interested in being a part of a new organization. An organization that is based on the vision of the membership rather than the vision of one person,” he said.

Under Charles’ leadership the party was a contender, yes, a contender for political graveyard. He led the CDR into the ground whilst he served as party leader. He nor BJ possessed the vision to see what the Bahamian people are looking for today. That being an alternative to the PLP and FNM! He was a FAILURE THEN, and like his contemporaries in that movement, they are all failures now!

We wonder if this same member of the Cabinet, who sits in the room of the mighty, believes the same today? Does he still see the leader of the FNM government as operating as the “vision of one person”? We wonder what is being said in his mind today about that same ‘NO EYE MONSTER’ we call MUGABE? Does the ‘NO EYE MONSTER’ support any ideas of promoting culture Charles? And why did you allow that ‘vision of one person’ to cancel Carifest for the second time slated for the Bahamas? Did you not remember telling the cultural artists of the country how the PLP left nothing in place for Carifesta 2008, and stated that it will be held in 2012? Charles, you never seems to have a voice artist in this country and we wonder why?

We can only guess Charles, that you’ve become a part of the dull pencils stacked in Ingraham huge ‘Gussiemae’ Cabinet. One who has hopped on the bus and is taking the ride to nowhere! Attack the PLP all you want Charles, but don’t start attacking a ‘popular blog’. Please, don’t go there!


  1. charles Maynard is a waste of time. He has no direction and no backbone just look at how he undermines junkanooers for his friends. The junkanoo world is very up set with some of the things hes doing. I lost respect for long time.We need real leadership in this country.

  2. Hi Altec, what you saying? I was on the roll man and my computer just suddenly shut down on me. I guess it must be tired of me running out all the time…….

  3. Kim Sands :
    This is the main reason why anything hardly gets accomplished in the HOA; it is ministers like the Pillsbury Doughboy who believe they reach their playground when they enter the HOA. Looking at him in this picture, he look like a fat pleasant child who just came from McDonalds and now his parents just dropped him off at the playground and now he is just so excited to see all of his friends.

    LOL!!!! Kim you wrong, ROFL.

  4. This is the main reason why anything hardly gets accomplished in the HOA; it is ministers like the Pillsbury Doughboy who believe they reach their playground when they enter the HOA. Looking at him in this picture, he look like a fat pleasant child who just came from McDonalds and now his parents just dropped him off at the playground and now he is just so excited to see all of his friends.

  5. @Joe Blow
    This person called JR has no respect for himself much less anyone that supports persons other than the PLP.HE CANNOT HOLD A DECENT CONVERSATION WITHOUT SINKING TO GUTTER LEVEL.
    It is to bad that the extent of his vocabulary does not extend further than the back of the yard .
    You are wasting your time in trying to persuade him to enter into a more amiable debate.

  6. Joe Blow can you please explain to me what is Mr.Ingraham’s vision? Please don’t include the part about trying to whip every union in check because that is obvious. Mr.Ingraham’s lack of respect for those with opposing views is very direspectful.

    Joe Blow please inform me if Mr.Ingraham’s vision involves maintaining the status quo of rich and powerful FNM party supporters?

    Joe Blow can you tell me why Mr.Ingraham is a bully when dealing with poor people and a lamb when dealing with the rich? Oh and please don’t tell me he fired Brent Symonette before but do tell me how come Mr.Symonette’s companies keep getting rewarded with big contracts?

    Joe Blow how come road works are more important to Mr.Ingraham than the health insurance coverage for nurses who work in a high risk environment?

    Joe Blow can you say if kissing up to the Tribune and Nassau Guardian while using those newspapers to attack poor Bahamians is part of Mr.Ingraham’s vision?

    Joe Blow is attacking hard working Customs Officers part of the plan because Mr.Laing was caught trying to defraud Customs and hence the Public treasury?

    Joe Blow is forcefully retiring civil servants and not filling the vacant positions a part of the Ingraham vision?

    Joe Blow is getting rid Urban Renewal then bringing it back smaller and with less resources Mr.Ingraham’s vision?

    The sad thing about the FNM is that whatever Mr.Ingraham does no matter how silly, educated FNM supporters always agree without hesitation or question.

    Joe Blow I will be waiting to hear your explanation of Mr.Ingraham’s vision…and please don’t paraphrase garbage from the FNM’s manifesto!!

    To all those die hard FNM senoir civil servants about to retired GOOD LUCK my brothers and sisters I do pray God be with you all!!

  7. JR: I was not calling Tristan delusional. Had you read his contribution you would have noticed he had spelled the word incorrectly! You contend that this government is “incompetent,ignorant,liars, proven crooks, corrupt, morally bankrupt,worst than even the worst,turning a blind eye to statuatory rape,molestation,and a corrupt and criminal police force led by the biggest crook in uniform”.(And you say that is just the tip of the iceberg!) Next (without knowing my character or background or political persuation) you call me self-hating,always deflecting,delusional FNM apologist, lower than dog nanny.
    And with all of the above you want people to pay attention to anything you say??? There are good and bad in any organization. There are competent and incompetent people in any organization. Education does not always equate with being either wise or knowledgeable. Pindling had a vision and he was in the right place at the right time. Later on he took a wrong turn and lost his way in some things, causing some major problems . Christie had a vision. but either the timing was not right or he lacked the ability to carry through. Ingraham has a vision. You apparently either do not understand it or do not like it or are so mired in the propaganda of your preferred Party that you can no longer separate the good from the bad. I have opinions and they are mine and I have every right in this free and democratic country to express them. I strive never to ascribe derogatory terms to anyone especially to those whose opinions vary from my own. It serves no purpose. I will always defend your right to think and believe differently than I do. I do not, however, willingly accept your negative personalizations. Talk the issues and we can have a good discussion, even when we differ. If you want to dialogue only with persons of your own persuation go to that other site, you know, where a character called Knowles carries on and where you might better fit in. Otherwise apologize and lets get on with making this a better country for EVERYONE!

  8. Minister Maynard like all of the FNM’S in the HOA is living in a bubble that is about to burst……This government has done the unthinkable to our country they have caused more pain and economic hardships on the Bahamian people since our nations inception and yet they can stand up in the HOA and attack that which clearly they do not understand it is because of blogs such as Bahamas Press that keep bringing out the continued destruction by this FNM government so their only defence is to use the pulpit from the HOA this is when you know that a government is on its last leg the proof is in the pudding.
    They are now going after the nurses and any other group of Bahamians that question the way they are handling us as a people ..they tried turning the public’s attention by bringing Sir Lyndon back into the fore front this did not work so now they have turned their focus on the unions….folks the end game is coming and coming soon

  9. No Joe. You are the delusional one. Week after week, sometimes daily, there are reports and evidence of just how ignorant and incompetent this government is. They are proven liars and they proven crooks. They are the most corrupt, morally bankrupt group to govern this country. Worse than even the worst of Pindling’s era and that is saying a lot. This bunch presides over the enrichment of Brent Symonette at the public’s expense. That crook is making millions off of us weekly through Bahamas Hot Mix, saying its in his wife’s name. The Kelly dock people will be getting $40 Million from money the Bahamas government plans to borrow while hundreds of people who have had their land seized by this FNM have yet to see one red cent. Never mind the blind eye they turn to high school statutory rape, molestation, a corrupt and criminal police force led by the biggest crook in uniform. Thats just the tip of the iceberg but you get the point. So for Joe to come here and try to defend the stupidity and ignorance of Charles Maynard only proves that Joe is a self hating, always deflecting, delusional FNM apologist lower than dog nanny. Have a heart man and stop trying to legitimize all of this ****ery going on in the government man.

  10. Joe Blow is what he is a Joe Blow. A Bunch of Clowns who take everything for a joke. They remind me of the movie Titanic when the Musicians was playing the music while the doggonit ship was sinking. Dillusional!!

  11. Charles Maynard is so busy trying to be an fnm, that it is pathethic. When i was in school being an ‘A’ student, but also one who clowned around one of my teachers placed a note on my report card saying, ‘class clown’ well, one cut-hip later and that reference was never made at me again.

    So joe Blow, being the house of assembly clown, ‘een nuttin funny about dat’ It simply shows how dumb he really is. They had more qualified persons offering for positions in the fnm, but you know Mr. Ingraham, anything to make the plp look bad, even if he ends up looking bad in the process, because more than half of his cabinet is not qualified!

  12. Joe Blow is a piece of work. So Charles Maynard, AKA the Jack*** of the HOA gets up, lies about the cancellation of Carifesta again, then when confronted by Glenis Hanna-martin with the news articles that show the truth about Carifesta, decides to attack the blogs that put the truth out there and you think he should be applauded? I honestly don’t think Joe Blow read Charles Maynard’s budget speech. Its on the FNM website and if you can get past the junior high spelling errors, you will find a document that is very shallow and lacking in substance for someone supposedly a contributing member of the Bahamas Government. I guess Joe considers being the idiot of the House a contribution eh?

  13. This is an interesting article BP. I think there are many ways of expanding our economy. The government really seems to be going in circles unfortunately, and we are seeing its effects at a rapid pace everyday. I think any Bahamian should have a voice. We have people all over the world that are very highly trained. We have seen with George Bush how a one-man government works. HAI is doing the same thing and it will prove to be fruitless. Why not let others have a say? I can’t imagine anyone doing worse than the current FNM administration…

  14. Reprint From
    The Miami Times
    Miami, Florida
    October 12, 2001


    In recent months the Prime Minister of the Bahamas has come under frequent criticism for using a heavy handed approach to governing the country’s economic and political affairs. His recent attempts to openly put in place his own hand picked team to take over the leadership of his party after he leaves has caused another round of serious criticism not only from opposition politicians but even from within his own party. Dr. Bernard Nottage leader of the Coalition for Democratic Reform (CDR), and the most vocal of the opposition leaders has pledged to reform the system to rid it of the potential for the dictator like governance of the current Prime Minister Hubert Ingram. Nottage claims Ingram’s use of some of the inherent faults within the Westminster style of government are prime examples of why there should be major reform of the system to limit the tremendous powers of the Prime Minister. Nottage calls his plan to limit the powers of the Prime Minister, produce more independence among parliamentarians, and allow more legislative participation by the electorate, “New Checks & Balances”. Nottage and the CDR has been gaining ground in the race for the new elections to be held in the very near future on a date which ironically only the Prime Minister has the power to decide.

    Nottage and the CDR are hoping that the Bahamian electorate will take notice of their innovative new platform which contains some dramatic new proposals to reform the government and the economy. They believe that considering the serious future needs of the country well designed programs about the future of the country need to be the focus of the upcoming elections. Hopefully such a platform will replace the traditional hoopla of name calling and frivolous issues which traditionally dominate Bahamian political campaigns. In addition to the New Checks and Balances program, they have introduced a concept called “Institutionalized Island Economies” which will foster growth of the economies of the Outer Family Islands by moving important Government institutions to these islands so that their economies will have some central base to build upon. This program Nottage says will also reduce the increasing density in the capital city of Nassau, improve the quality of lifestyle, and reduce crime.

    Two other interesting aspects of the CDR’s platform include the “New Globalization of the Economy” Plan which will move the Bahamas towards becoming a center for E-Commerce, Internet Based Corporate Operations, and International Trade. This plan also would allow for expanded international investment opportunities and capital market development for individual and corporate residents of the Bahamas.

    Perhaps the most innovative of the CDR’s plans is a program called “Bring it Home”, designed to reach out to Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas who live abroad and particularly those in the United States. Nottage says that the Bring it Home Program will allow talented Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas who live outside the Bahamas to make their contribution to the economic and social development of the Country. In describing the “Bring it Home Initiative” Dr. Nottage states “for too long the Government of the Bahamas unlike other countries has not developed or utilized any organized system to allow non-resident Bahamians who want to contribute to their homeland the opportunity to do so”.

    With its bold new reform initiatives, strong leadership, and what many see as the constant bungling of the current government, the CDR hopes to continue attracting the increasingly large group of disaffected swing voters to their movement. “We hope to run a campaign totally based on the issues, and to focus the electorate on our innovative plan for reform which will be needed if the Bahamas is to move into the future with confidence. We need to look to the future and make a turn for the better with innovative planning rather than continue on the significant slide that has been the mark and legacy of the current Government,” said Nottage.

  15. Charles Maynard is the epitome of small state politics, where money and family ties are advertised and held in more esteem than education, integrity and vision.

    If you look at Mr.Maynard’s resume closely it proves that he is very unqualified to hold any elected post in a progressive nation. Apart from being the weekend disc jockey at his family’s business establishment and hanging on the coat tails of B.J.Nottage or Hubert Ingraham what has this man done to make him even be remotely considered an exemplary personality?

    Did Mr.Maynard graduate from COB? Or, did Mr.Maynard with all of his family’s wealth have the mental fortitude and acumen to stay the course to complete college cousework? Or was he so distracted and materially drunk and unfocused that he couldn’t even do what many Bahamians from financially challenged and economically unstable backgrounds to all the time-finish college!

    Does Mr.Maynard posess some superior intellectual depth that warrants completion of tertiary level education a waste of time? Is his life experience and behaviour evidential of an advanced individual?

    Readers can truthfully answer these questions for themselves, but I will tell you one thing if we as Bahamians continue to vote for anyone so unqualified the last laugh will be on us!

    Charles Maynard is a GLOBAL joke!!!!

  16. I find that with Charles Maynard you get what you see. There is nothing artificial about him. His sense of humour and commic relief is something the HOA very much needs. Now don’t be fooled because in his humourous delivery his message has a punch that can lay an opponeny flat. Of course there are those who are predisposed to dislike him because as a Maynard he is supposed to follow in the family political direction. When one couples his State Ministry with that of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, you have a combination that is hard to beat. Mr. Bannister’s presentation today was well-thought out, well delivered and quite complete. It bodes well for the future of that Ministry. Yes indeed, despite what some naysayers wish to convey, HAI is indeed sympatical with youth, sports and culture in this country. Congratulations to these two young officianatos.

  17. Hey everyone its been awhile but I think this story is interesting. Last week sometime my niece who has a facebook addiction, I think, showed me a story from a page called UNSCRIPTED about Charles Maynard and carifesta is that the blog he was talking about? Your story caught my eye because the picture you use is the same pictures that is on facebook blog. I thought Mr. Maynard contribution last week was in poor taste and he would have to work a bit harder to salvage anything from it. The story on the Unscripted facebook blog said had pictures of this article from some caribbean online paper stating that the Carifesta was postponed because the Bahamas declined to hold it again. So why would Mr. Maynard try to make us think that the RCC postponed for financial crisis. Mr. Maynard also was trying to justify his cabinet post by stating what is in his portfolio I thought it was shameful. But is it that UNscripted tthing on facebook he was talking about?

  18. I think Charles is in the Cabinet to entertain HAI. He brings no value to the table, he is stupid, silly and foolish all at once. A fellow cabinet member told me that they laugh at him all the time. Idiot.

  19. Charles lack maturity. I dont think he realize the type of office he is holding. People know his family but dont really know him. If they knew him in which they are getting to know, you will see that more and more people will find out who Charlsie is. NASTY, DUMB and STUPID. All of these one term Boys better start packing up because its not a permanent job but only temporary. Be careful how you treat others Mr. MAynard, somethings you do and say will never die!!!

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