Pastor beats husband after putting back shots on the wife? Nassau GONE ROGUE!

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Nassau, Bahamas — A high-ranking member of a Church is headed to court, this time after a big brawl outside the home of a woman he is alleged to have sexual relations with.

The shame and scandal will play out in a Nassau Street courtroom, and when the details are revealed, they could bring more disgrace on the pastor and his entire denomination.

Court dockets reveal, the clergyman, had just left the home of his sweetie [a married women he was counseling late into the night], when all of a sudden a man approached him outside the steps the home. A row began, with the pastor pushed the husband out of his way. A pimp-slap was landed on the pastor and then blows began to fly.

Sources tell us the sweetie frantically called the police in an attempt to stop the fight. Torn between two lovers, one a priest and the other the husband, the wife eagerly looked on as the pastor wrestled the husband to the ground. When the police arrived, the good pastor was caught with a concrete cone in his had getting ready to strike the husband with it.

BP believes if the police was one second late, the husband could have been another murdered victim.

The pastor is one who could be heard telling his congregation “THOU SHALL NOT KILL”. It is his regular response to the growing crime problem. However, it is ok for him to kill a whole marriage, murder a home, coach another man’s wife to move into her mother’s home all so he could sneak up in the dark of night to deliver back shots on the woman? WHAT A COUNTRY!

Perhaps the pastor should read The Ten Commandments he so regularly recite and note by taking his brother’s wife he has broken the 10th commandment [THOU SHALL NOT COVET]! The pastor is also guilty of committing adultery, and stealing all written in the scriptures.

Police filed a report of the incident to the Fox Hill police station and the next thing we knew, files gone missing and the pastor is now the victim. BOY, this is one JACKASS SOCIETY!

Now the husband must answer the charges of assault and find a way to divorce his wife, who he believes is getting back shots from the pastor while he worries over facing some Magistrate.

Boy, life isn’t fair boy!


  1. tis is really ay serious pastor now,i knw u r so u back shottn otha man wife.r u married????if how u tink ya wife feel??n u was goin 2 kil da man if da police didn pull up in time.u needs 2 b hang.plzzzzzzzz dnt call ya self ay man of god ne mre k.

  2. These so called men of God are doing it on the church carpet and anywhere else they can find it. Whatever happened to the good pastors of days gone?
    One of the richest business owner in Nassau just recently had to switch churches because of monkey business going on right on the pastor’s church office couch.

  3. Most of them are basically, slimy, worthless, predators who peddle the scriptures for money and manipulate the weak minded,they are mostly in it for WEALTH,AZZ and PUZZY,the sad thing about it is that the husband got his AZZ kicked from that piece of SHYTE,but if it was me i would have beat the devil out of the son of a bytch whilst he was getting ready to deliver his message of lies on sunday.

  4. This pastor isn’t nothing but a demonic jungalist, he should be ashamed to call himself a man of God. Only the Demons could be in control of him. A man who doesn’t know the Bible know what this pastor did was wrong and ungodly. Then, he has the nerve to pick up a concrete stone to hit the man with after screwing his wife. He could have easily wounded or killed him, I wonder how that man’s wife would have felt to know she caused her husband’s death with her slackness if that pastor had killed him. That pastor might have been cutting up with her longtime right under the husband’s eyes and he didn’t notice it, now he saw her in this vulnerable state of mind and decided to take advantage of the situation or it could have been her who initiated things. She might have always wanted to have sex with this pastor and when she saw the opportunity she jumped on it. You would never know why the marriage wasn’t working in the first place, that pastor might have been behind the scene all the long and pulling them apart. Either way the two of them are wrong for this, that’s why you see some men is have a problem with these pastors hugging their wife or playing them too closely. You can‘t blame them for having an attitude, because some of these pastors too wicked man! If he suppose to be counseling this woman on her marriage, how come her husband wasn’t present on these sessions with them? These counseling session is only a way for these wicked Revs to corner these women and children to be alone with them and take advantage of them. These churches need to prohibit these pastors from meeting one on one with these members, because some of them take a delight in abusing their power.

    • If your’ll stop believing in ferry tails, this wouldn’t happen. lmao. These pastors only in the business for what they could get outta it, front, bongy, money, etc. believe in your self people.

  5. When will all this gossip stop. It is a shame that people continue to speak lies. People wake up!!!! Domestic Abuse needs to STOP! We need to support the persons that are trying to help these women of abuse.

  6. Theses Pastors need to be careful nowadays because God is dealing with them, and some een even living long enough to clean up their act!

  7. Not the PASTOR giving backshots doe…lord what else ga happen in we country…..what a disgrace. i wonder where dem files disappeared too…ummm internal investigation on the police force?

    • Truth where you been? What side a Jordan? Last I checked one Pastor wife who is the Praise and Worship leader told the court she and him does sex on the floor of the church! So where you been?


      • Rev. Fraser know it and his wife know it too, she don’t turn him on anymore, that‘s why he wanted something young and refreshing. That poor young girl had to get caught up with him and his mid life crisis, I feel so sorry about what happened to her. Then he and his wife has the nerve to deny it. He didn’t even had the decency to clean up the mess, leave all the filthy evidence right there on the rug. You could see he wasn’t checking and this was probably a routine thing for him.

  8. Rumors of this have been going around for a while. Check your sources well before you publish BP. This man used to beat his wife so bad and he is an ace sweetheart keepr. Don’t believe that it is a case of wife-pastor sweethearting. Check your story good!

    • Could you answer to us why the Pastor parked his car two block down from the woman house? Ya see yall think BP does be sleeping eh. Stay right there.Why was these “COUNSELING episodes late in the night? FOR WEEKS!

      You want us start giving details?


    • Rumors have been going around for awhile. yes! this man used to beat his wife very badly, he has a history of abuse, this is not his first marriage either! The difference is his first wife use to beat him back. His wife hid the abuse for years. Yes! check your story!!


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