Paul Moss Statement on Blue Hill/Market Street Traffic Changes


paul-d-mossPRESS STATEMENT — “I am asking the government to reconsider its road reversal plans on Market and Blue Hill roads as it is utter madness and very distressing for the businesses and residents of the affected areas especially those along Blue Hill, Market Street side roads and Ridgeland Park” said Paul Moss candidate for the St. Cecelia area commenting on the one way roads of Blue Hill and Market Street.

“I have seen for myself and I have spoken to many business persons and residents of the St. Cecelia area and every one is crying about this obviously poorly thought-out road change. In deed I am also frustrated in trying to traverse the area” Moss continued.

“When planning such a major change, it should have been well annunciated as was done with the Bay/Shirley Street changes. Many people in this area have invested a lot of money for their businesses and homes and now they stand to lose it all. Of course children in the area (where recreating sites are lacking) are in eminent danger of being hurt.

We must consider the people. They feel helpless with no where to turn. Buses are all over the place now, people are being delayed and it does not help when they are doing road works on the affected roads.

“I say that they must stop it immediately, plan it properly and then come back to the people. I urge all residents to have patience and we will constitute a town meeting next week in the area to discuss this matter and the next plan of action.” Moss concluded.


  1. Welcome back Paul Moss I thought you had gone to bed with the enemy.In regards to this road improvement project i cant wiat to see what happens on Monday when school opens and kids try to traverse through the area by jitney.Besides no one knows where the buses are going to be stationed.I have deliberately kept silent on this matter but was heartened when Teresa Moxey publicly scolded her Govt for using 15 yr plans just to say they were doing something.Like I told the avid readers on this site whatever PAPA touches is turning into ashes.He took the country as far as he could between 1992 and 2002 and admitted that he had taken it as far as he could,prophetic words which he must now acknowledge and step to the side and allow new ideas to flow in his own party.PAPA is no conscensus builder as he does not know how to make love and ensure that his partner the public gets satisfaction.The longer he remians the more damage he does to his legacy.  

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