Pedophile arrested on Grand Bahama after he attempted to lure two primary school girls in his vehicle…

Justin Seymour on the move as the country’s latest pedophile suspect.

FREEPORT| A school crossing guard on Grand Bahama should be invited to Government House for special honour after assisting in the capture and arrest of a man attempting to lure two primary school girls into his vehicle at the Maurice Moore and Walter Parker Primary Schools.

A crossing guard was a guardian angel after he spotted the suspect and thwarted the abduction Thursday afternoon.

The pedophile was spotted when a child was following the suspect who BP has now identified as, Justin Seymour, as drove a silver vehicle. The guard stopped the girl and asked her if she knew the driver and she responded that she did not!

The guard returned the child to the school yard and telephoned the police. Officers later arrested the suspect near Wrexham Drive in his Chevrolet Cavalier. 

Seymour is also alleged to have abducted a young female student at the Walter Parker Primary on Wednesday, just a day earlier where told the child he was sent to pick her up.

Scores of young school girls go missing often in the country and end up on missing persons posters.

More must be done to protect the children of the Bahamas! We also want to salute the decent police officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, who assisted in the swift arrest! What happened to the long promised SEXUAL OFFENDER’S REGISTER FOR THE COUNTRY?!


We report yinner decide!