Perhaps the real problem is the fact that Powersecure never had a plan for BEC….


Rolling Blackout Continue at Broke and Busted BPL! Where is the plan at Powersecure aka BPL?

Pam Hill - CEO at BPL
Pam Hill – CEO at BPL

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press’ patience with Bahamas Power and Light AKA Powersecure is growing thin by the minute and already we have called for the termination of the contract with Powersecure.

And so tonight we will start our attack on the company by asking what is the real problem at BPL?

Could the real problem be the fact that Powersecure never had a plan for BEC? Can anyone tell us what was outlined in Powersecure’s Business Plan for BEC?

GET THIS: A year after the government spent $900,000 for PowerSecure to create a business plan that was expected to map the path to more reliable and affordable electricity in The Bahamas, the public remains in the dark about the plan, amid recurring blackouts. We have yet to know if that was ever done!

The government signed a transitional agreement with PowerSecure in July 2015. Today more than one year later the darkness over the plan gets thick! And perhaps if you see the results to-date of the company – this was the plan! THEY HAD NONE!

But again, who can tell us where that plan is? What is the plan?

Boy I tell ya…look outside and feel the darkness…Now ya know!

We report yinner decide!

PS: Next we ga ask why is Deepak Bhatnargar holding the purse at BEC? How did that happen?