Perry Christie is directing Government’s attention where it is needed most – HELPING PEOPLE!!!


Urban Renewal is working for the People…All Corporate Partners around the world should join in and support the programme!

Ms Advilda Grant

Nassau, Bahamas — Here’s a woman that is now resting comfortably after the intervention of the new Urban Renewal 2.0 program of the Government.

Ms Advilda Grant SC of Labour Street in Grants Town stands outside here home in the community.

Ms Grant’s home was recently damaged by a fire some weeks back, and, thanks to the Urban Renewal Program in the area, assistance was extended.

Bahamas Press salutes the Urban Renewal Project for being responsive to the urgent needs of people, in particular for coming to the aide of this senior citizen Advilda Grant – an outstanding long time residence of Grants Town.

Christie is working…The PLP is believing in People…and one by one Government is meeting the needs of Bahamians!

We report yinner decide!