Perry Christie thanks NGC for their support after his attack on PLPs!


kazirollebiff06india_025_1_web<<< At the Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) 2006 is the former Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Perry Christie and the former Minister of Bahamas Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe, who could not tell Cabinet where $1 million of the people’s money went. Today the couple were campaigning together in Harbour Island over the weekend.

Nassau, Bahamas: Last Thursday’s PLP NGC meeting brought the light the desperate tactics now being employed by Perry Christie. Firstly, Christie called the meeting to block challengers for the leadership post at the October convention.

However, Christie’s desperation at that meeting proved to be in overdrive. Christie stood up, after his failed motion could not be tabled, and began begging for sympathy. He began to thank NGC for allowing him to serve. He began thanking his family for their support. He began whispering his hope of continued support for the people begging, if he had another chance, he would be a better leader. But Christie has missed the point. He has missed the boat, the argument and the debate. PLPs had allowed him the chance to lead them for 12 years now and what did he do?

Christie went silent – he said not a word- when nurses began fighting for their insurance. He never issued a response to Hubert’s wicked actions against nurses. Christie GATS TO GO!

Christie went silent  – and said not a word- when 80 workers recently at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort were laid off and sent home. Christie never not a statement!

Christie went silent – and said not a word – when 20 boys were wickedly molested by a clandestine pack of pedophile lovers at the Eight Mile Rock High School. Again, Christie was silent on the entire issue. He never met with the mothers, he never spoke to the school, Christie never toured the facilities. Christie completely ignored the matter.

Christie was silent and said not a word when the Rape of Taxpayers money began with the decision to move the Port to Arawak Cay. Where was Christie on the issue? Millions of the people’s money was being pumped to move wealthy businessmen from the city to the city. Christie said nothing, he questioned nothing, He added no comment and we know why.

Christie was silent – and said not a word – when Hubert Ingraham delivered the largest tax increase on struggling Bahamians. The tax hike by Ingraham was the LARGEST in the history of the country. Hubert placed taxes in 2007 on the Bible, where was Christie on the issue?

PLPs would remember how Christie completely ignored his PLP members in his last administration. For 5 years Christie and Obie hired scores of FNMs, Including Ingraham’s son and son-in-law. They appointed commissions headed by known FNMs. They left in place scored of officers in ministries who wiped PLPs night and day. Christie stood by and did nothing to help his own.

Well, October 22nd is the day for PLPs to ROLL CHRISTIE OUT! In just 11 days, PLPs will hold the power to KICK HIM OUT! It will be their time to tell Christie they do not want him around ANYMORE! It is time to VOTE HIM OUT! The time has come to send Christie into retirement. IT IS THE TIME to remind him once again, for a second time, he will make history again. Christie will become the first PLP leader to be toppled at a Convention!

Bahamas Press calls on all PLP stalwarts to CHANGE ITS LEADER! REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE!

Christie could not help you then and he cannot do it now!

We need Change!


  1. @Russell Johnson
    Good morning Russell Johnson,you are so right there are so much foolish happen in this country and BP talking fool about the PLP convention.BP crime is out of control the economy is heading south.I hope when the FNM convention comes around BP would be talking about HAI and how Branville would over throw him once and for all.

  2. And BP you gat the heart to call PC desperate??? You aint gat NO shame!!!

    If you keep regurgitating these same old stories, you will soon loose plenty weight and need to see a doctor if you don’t take it easy!!!!

  3. Lolo come on now give me a story as its getting boring in here.The PLP hasa a strucyure thats been intact for many yrs now so dont get upset that the stalwart councillors differ with what is posted here.Let us talk about the failed crime strategies as Rodney Moncur is doing.How about the FNM Chairman being abused and blamed for shortcomings of the Govt,?Now thats a story bcvos if Ferguson loses at the FNM convention he is gone along with his brother the COP.

  4. Christie never really had a challenger, if I am not mistaken Christie appointed those delegates that will return the favor keep him in. He is a good politician

  5. BP, I heard from one of your writers who told me, you will be doing a segment on the cabinet Ministers before Mugabe shuffle those rotten eggs. I look forward to this.

  6. BP, its wrong of you to say in your second paragraph, “Christie stood up, after his failed motion could not be tabled.”

    Firstly, no motions was brought by PC. So there was never any motions to be accepted or rejected. Your report and the Tribune’s report that PC would bring those motions to the meeting was WRONG and whats so funny was that you was quick to save face by taking credit for no motions not being tabled the next day in your post dated Oct 9th.

    So when you write in your second paragraph “Christie stood up, after his failed motion could not be tabled” you know thats a lie. There was never any motion to begin with.

    This post is no different than any other post you write about PC. They all say the same thing and you are just repeating the same old tired words every couple days about PC: PC gats to go, yada, yada, PC is wutless, yada, yada. Constant repetition. No new info at all.

    The truth of the matter is, if you had any damming info on PC you would have posted it by now. You would relish in the fact that you brought down PC. Your ego would feed of that for years. You cant bring him down with truth so you continuously throw dirt on the man’s character offering up no evidence to support your claims and exaggerate your stories about him.

    But i am not surprised. You have now stooped so low that you are in bed with the Tribune. As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.”

    The closer to convention you will write more and more lies and salacious stuff about PC. So i would bet that starting this week and leading up to convention, there is going to be a steady diet of posts assassinating PC character.

    Let BP’s slime throwing, character assassination begin!

  7. Poor BP… een get no story today about PC? Is that the best u can do? I hope u have one a dem new toilets what dont use to much water because in the next 11 days u ga doing plenty flushing…

  8. LOL! I like the word you use ‘the couple’! Anyway now BP you bashing Christie all the time, I start to feel lil sorry for him. What happened to your PLP writer and your FNM writer. I know you got some of them on board. Let us hear a from your PLP writer or have you banished him/her?

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