PHA Dialysis Unit Technician and daughter perish in morning house off Cowpen Road


PHA renal technician at PMH Mrs. Jestine Clarke-Kerr and another female member of the family are fire victims…

Jestine Clarke-Kerr is house fire victim.

NASSAU| Two women died on Thursday morning following a structural fire off Cowpen Road that also left a little boy and a man in hospital.

Williams Drive residents realized the orange and white home was ablaze shortly after 1:00 a.m.

Bahamas Press has identified one of the victim as renal technician at PMH Mrs. Jestine Clarke-Kerr.

In a statement The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) and the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) wrote that they are saddened by the passing of Mrs. Clarke-Kerr who served for twenty-five (25) years in Nursing Support Services and was posted at the PHA Dialysis Unit. 

A fire Delta Unit arrived on scene and firefighters extinguished the fire.

Officers then entered the burnt building and found Mrs Clarke-Kerr unresponsive in a northeastern bedroom. Officers also rescued another woman, a man and a little boy.

Emergency Medical Services personnel examined all of the victims and
pronounced Mrs Clarke-Kerr dead.

The other three persons were rushed to the hospital where the second woman later died.

Police have not said what may have caused the deadly fire and are still investigating the matter.