PHA Report into its inquiry in the awarding of Contract to Barbara Hanna by Duane Sands has vanished!


Papers – Just like in OBAN Documents – have now vanished at PHA! THIS IS CORRUPTION and where is the Anti-Corruption UNIT These Days?

Barbara ‘BAG FULL A MONEY’ Hanna and Minister Duane Sands!

Nassau – Shocking news now coming in from the court in the Frank Smith trial reveals another bombshell in the courtroom.

Ms Leslie Isaacs, Attorney for PHA, under oath this morning told the Magistrate Court how the Board expressed serious concerns about the impropriety in the new contract awarded to Barbara Hanna cleaning company under the tenure of Minister Dr. Duane Sands.

Readers would remember Sands – who had many conversations and meetings with Hanna – awarded her a $1.8 million cleaning contract for the hospital. The board was at the time unaware of the contract being granted nor were they invited to ratify the Minister’s decision. Meanwhile an AG legal advisor cautioned the Board on the matter.

Subsequently the PHA Board requested its internal audit department to investigate the circumstances surrounding the awarding of the new sizable contract to Barbara Hanna. But get this: The Report was prepared, and has since vanished!

Where has transparency and accountability in government vanished to inside the Minnis-Led Government?

Ms Isaacs has completed her testimony. It is expected that Minister Duane Sands will take the stand on Wednesday. He was absent from Cabinet today, perhaps doing one of those major surgeries.

BP is also learning how three sitting Cabinet Ministers have failed to disclose to the Commission! Is Duane Sands one of those Ministers?

We report yinner decide!